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Google News and Amazon RSS

Now you can generate RSS feeds for both Google News and Amazon. Just plug 'em in to PulpFiction and away you go.

PulpFiction 1.2 will be available in early January 2005 (we may release interstitial versions to those who ask politely in mid December). It will add several new features, including initial support for enclosures and .torrents, smart folders, improved sorting of the Feeds view, blogline support, local feeds, and more. Choose any two. 🙂 Just kidding: the above list is our intention. But we'll see how hard the holidays hit our productivity.

5 Responses to "Google News and Amazon RSS"

  1. You can also get Yahoo! News via RSS from There are pre-defined RSS feeds for a variety of topics and a create-your-own option as well.


  2. What exactly do you mean by support for .torrents? Is it going to include a BitTorrent client in the box?

  3. Steve, there are already torrent clients available for Mac OS X.

  4. Right, I know that. What exactly are you supporting, then, with .torrents?

  5. Steve will be adopting a "wait and see" approach with this one. 🙂