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Here's MailDrop 2's icon.


Of course, it won't be 500 x 500 on your desktop or in your dock, but we've got it tweaked out pretty well. In the end, we decided to ditch the smile. It has more personality this way, Scott says.

The document icon is coming along. MailDrop 2 is scheduled for release on December 9.

4 Responses to "MailDropMan"

  1. the postman who you wave and say hi/hello to everyday has no mouth?

    more personality? it looks like you left the mouth out by mistake. hiho...

    ps. bring back the have the best icons but this one lacks.

  2. Perhaps this is just my "vulcan side" speaking, but I'm kind of amazed that you put so much thought into an icon, a visual point of reference and little more.

    Sure, I dig the style argument, but something that high quality shouldn't need to have the smile quibbled over.

    Then again, I guess I'm just as bad when it comes to language/architecture choices.

  3. Very cool icon. Congratulations!

  4. I hope thats not your real address (postal) on the icon, or is it? Cool icon but the two letters that you can make out an address on both go to you... of course like you said you would never see the 500x500 icon. Still kool.