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QotD: Hygiene

Question: What's your worst hygiene related bad habit?

My Answer: Well, working from home, sometimes it's really easy to forget to shower. One time I went three days between showers. I mean, you don't sweat much typing right? And heck, I often forget to eat and sleep too.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Hygiene"

  1. I also work from home, but I'll say "yeah... three days", and leave it at that.

  2. On the days I work from home, 3 days is not unheard of here, either. Normally, though, it's a max of 2, coming to a close when I come back in from smoking a cigarette and think, "God, it smells like cigarette in here", subsequently realizing it doesn't, but I do. That's when I *know* it's showertime.

    Also, when working from home, it isn't so much that I forget to shower, eat, or sleep, it's more that I just procrastinate such tasks in favor of computer-oriented tasks. I used to think working from home was a dream come true; then I realized I work about 3x as much when I'm at home.

  3. I'm a freelance programmer. I work form home all the time. 3 days is about the limit for a shower. I frequently forget to eat breakfast and lunch, but I'm usually starving by dinner. Ive forgotten Dinner a few times too though. Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth, but that only lasts a day. I forget to shave all the time. I might go a couple weeks without shaving, although I do keep a short beard all the time anyway (helps to hide the fact that I forgot to shave).