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Adium’s Push/Pop

A feature I truly did not know existed, as explained by David Clark (edited a little):

  • Your friend sends you a message (i.e. "How do you properly kill an NSTimer?")
  • You start a long-ish reply (i.e. "You have to invali")
  • They send you another message which requires a shorter response (i.e. "Is it cold there?")
  • You press ctrl-s, which temporarily stores your long-ish message on a stack and clears the message field.
  • You reply with a short message (i.e. "Hell yeah!")
  • You press ctrl-s, and your unfinished message reappears! You finish typing "date it and then make sure you do with the memory what needs to be done - release it, assign nil, whatever.")

That's the basic operation. ctrl-down will also "push" a message temporarily, and you can even push more than one message at a time. ctrl-up will "pop" the messages back off in reverse order.

Great stuff! I will also pass this along: option-up and down scrolls through your message history. I use that one a lot.

3 Responses to "Adium’s Push/Pop"

  1. My IRC client of choice has that too, but just uses the up/down keys. It's a pretty basic feature in IRC clients.

    Quite often you write a longish comment, but then have to answer a quick yes/no question or similar. So just push the down arrow to clear the input field, write the short answer, and then press up twice to get back to your long comment.

  2. I'm using cmd-a + cmd-x/cmd-v for that... works fine too, and no need to learn anything app-specific.

  3. Adium's Push/Pop

    NSLog(); takes a look at Adium's Push/Pop feature.

    What a great way to temporarily clear the input box to type a quick response.

    Key strokes:

    * Ctrl-s: replace the input box with the stack.

    * Ctrl-up/ctrl-down: Push/pop messages onto a stack.