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PureJPEG for Mac OS X?

Joel (on Software) points to a little CLI app for Windows called "PureJPEG" that removes a bunch of unnecessary data from JPEGs to reduce their size.

I'm wondering if there's something like this that I can run on Mac OS X, CLI or Drag-n-Drop or whatever. I typically just save all of my JPEGs with Photoshop's "Save for Web" feature.

11 Responses to "PureJPEG for Mac OS X?"

  1. How aboutjhead?

  2. As strange as it sounds, I've found the "save as web" option can actually generate larger JPEGs than the normal "Save as JPEG" bit. Not sure if this is still the case in the newest version of Photoshop, but keep an eye on it.

  3. GraphicConverter does a good job of saving jpeg files without the extra baggage.

  4. lemkesoft / makers of graphicconverter have a standalone app that does exaclt this, i think

  5. Frankly, I am not sure you want get rid of the metadata, etc. from your JPEG. with Mac OS X Tiger on it's way and its heavy reliance on metadata, you could benefit greatly from the additional information available in your picture... unless of course you are talking about stuff other than metadata?

  6. I can't use Spotlight for files on a FreeBSD Web server somewhere.

  7. Completely off topic..... but your layout is all screwed up in windows IE 5.5 and 6.0.

    Obviously, there will be some variations from one browser to the next. However, regardless of how much of a Mac afficionado (fanatic) you are you have to conceed the fact that the vast majority of the browsers being used are still IE. Why not spend the extra hour to make the site work for that large demographic?

    ....I wonder what controversy this will spark....

  8. No controversy. Just facts. Here they are:

    It is screwed up. I don't care.Works on Mac IE 5.x.I know what the hell "afficonado" means (and it ain't the same as "fanatic")The majority of browsers being used is not "still IE"It'd take far more than one hour and it wouldn't look the same.

    Fuck IE and the people that ride in on that horse.

  9. I've made a python port of PureJPEG for all the people who aren't using Windows or prefer a non-exe alternative.

    You can get it here:

  10. I'm new to macs and as a photographer I have to use images that can be used and seen by all platforms, I have found that when saving a jpg after editing (on my ibook), and then opening my CF card on my Windows PC I get two copies of each file one is a normal jpg the other has no extension but starts ,:samefilename but is a much smaller size. Is there a way around this or is this just how the mac to windows compatability works ??

  11. I've approved your comment, but the answer is simple: the small one isn't the file. It's the resource fork.

    Copy the JPEGs to your disk to avoid "getting two" on your CF card.

    And I talked with Frank months ago, as his python script was changing the relative brightness of my JPEGs, and I've yet to hear back with a solution.