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Nintendo DS SDK?

Anyone know where one might acquire (purchase, get for free, whatever) a software development kit (SDK) for the Nintendo DS? I don't have any serious plans, but it might be fun just to hack around and make a simple game of Hangman or something.

Some people have told me that Nintendo is giving away the kits either free or very cheap, and that'd be awesome if people could distribute their own ROMs, etc. Geeks everywhere would be writing their own games for the world's #1 handheld gaming system. When can I browse the Web on my Nintendo DS?

Of course, the above paragraph is so atypical of Nintendo that I don't really believe it. Yet. I want to…

Update: Scott found this.

3 Responses to "Nintendo DS SDK?"

  1. Look for "nitro emulator", it s the codename of the official Nintendo DS SDK.

    Intelligent System is the SDK division of NINTENDO.

  2. Ummm... they have the kit for official developers at O, and the ensata emulator was a part of this pack. But you can't get any of this unless you are an official licensed developer, so....


    They are developing an IDE for NDS dev.