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Question: I asked the question about the Nintendo DS, and now I'm asking it about the Sony PSP: do you want one?

My Answer: No. The ability to play movies and, occasionally, a decent looking game is attractive. The battery life and price are not.

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5 Responses to "QotD: PSP"

  1. Hell yes. The screen itself is as big as my iPod.

  2. I'm not sure a big screen is really a reason to buy one. Slow load times, short battery life, no games I'm really all that interested in from a portable perspective, no clamshell.

    I like PS2 a lot, but I don't see any compelling reason to buy this right now other than it's impressive on paper. Not to say I won't get one eventually. If it had ratchet and clank or something, than maybe. Maybe I'll feel differently when I see it in person.

    I'm really happy with my DS: dual screen, touch screen, great battery life, plays GBA games, clamshell, exceptional value, etc.

  3. I'll wait and see how it develops. Heck, I just bought a GBASP this past summer.

  4. I think a disc-based portable system is silly. I don't want to have loading times on a handheld.. I just want to be able to turn it on and off as I like (the DS sleep feature looks great!) and battery life will almost certainly suck on the PSP as well.

    Yeah, Sony says that developers are being instructed to use the disc in a smart way so they don't have to leave it spinning, but lots of games probably will leave it spinning, either because the don't want to make the effort to avoid it, or because the game needs it (so many of the better PS2 games are so cool because they stream the level data off disc instead of being confined to tiny levels which fit in RAM.

    The PSP might be a better gaming platform in terms of its graphics ability and such, but the DS looks like a superior handheld system.

    Plus, I haven't seen any compelling titles yet for the PSP anyway.

  5. The sleep feature on the DS is really nice - just close the lid. I use it constantly. If you do it while playing Mario DS, you'll hear Mario say "goodbye" just before it goes to sleep. 🙂