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Interesting fact I just read: boys tend to bond with their fathers (and male friends) side by side, facing the same direction and girls tend to bond with their mothers (and female friends) face-to-face. In my experience, that's held up pretty well.

  • Sitting on a couch playing video games.
  • Fishing in a stream.
  • Shooting rifles at the range.
  • Walking down a fairway (golf).
  • Leaning inside the hood of a car.

Yep. I can think of a few others, but I'm satisfied.

3 Responses to "Bonding"

  1. what about playing board games, or throwing a frisbee around?

    AND, you gave no examples from the females side.

  2. Uhhhh, gathers and sons don't play board games… and having never been a girl (not that I can remember), I didn't give any examples. Whoopty.

  3. Cards and Chess. Unisex face to face. Marbles. Billiards

    Tea with dollies. Girly face to face. It is more difficult to come up with female side by side bonding examples, but I'm sure it happens anywhere from playing with dollies, to cooking, to shopping, to passing notes in class. to watching soap operas.

    You could toss skipping rope, or Baseball in there as well. Softball if you are a 'girl".