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Filippi is a Democrat

Erie Mayor Rick Fillippi is a Democrat, and he's in trouble. Worse yet, he's a Democrat who snubbed Bush a few times in this most recent campaign, too.

I don't care who you are: when you're a mayor of a medium-sized city, and the President of the Freaking United States visits your city, you at least have the decency to meet him and welcome him to the city before bugging out.

Doing anything less than that is immature and stupid.

2 Responses to "Filippi is a Democrat"

  1. Very well said. The President of the United States is the President of the United States after all. People should respect the office, and the one holding it, whether they like the individual or not. I always used to say this when Clinton was president and a lot of people got mad at me for it, as if I liked the guy or something (actually, he wasn't a bad president...just a slimeball, still is).

  2. Wait, you want mature, responsible, professional behavior?

    in *politics*?

    What country does this happen in? Oh that may be the goal, but face it, politics is about demonizing the opponent, (before anyone starts, i'm a registered nothing. ALL parties are full of lying, cheating, immoral scum who woudl sell their granny to a whorehouse in Bangkok for a vote and a dollar, IMO. We hates them all), and finding the "bad guy". All successful campaigns run on this, and it's how you win. (Both major parties do it equally well. Bush sr. won on Willie Horton, Clinton won on "I care, he doesn't", Bush Jr. won on "I'm moral, they aren't". Note the lack of any real issues. Just overemotional pandering.)

    Our entire country's presidential cmapaign history, with a *handful* of exceptions is based on that.

    So if we elect people based on overemotional demonizing fingerpointing pandering, why should we be surprised when, OMG, that's how they REALLY ACT?