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RSS Spam

One thing I don't see happening: RSS Spam. Unlike email, with RSS/Atom you must explicitly ask for content. It's easy to tell who "sent" it to you. The anonymity spammers enjoy is not available in RSS.

3 Responses to "RSS Spam"

  1. True. True.

    The one thing that _could_ be possible is an RSS feed that includes comments with spam showing up in the comments. But that is still spammer's attacking web pages with an added bonus of RSS. Not actual RSS spam.

  2. Funny, I see it almost daily from the RSS feeds from a few Yahoo Groups I subscribe to.

  3. I doubt Yahoo Groups feeds differ much from their mail-list subscription past. You would get the same spam regardless of how you read them, and you can probably still read them without RSS.

    Mailing Lists have had both "sponsored" UCE (the moderator of the list uses headers and footers between every mail contribution to plug something) as well as "comment" spam (the readers and contributors plug something in their signature lines)