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Yahoo Email

Yahoo EmailThis is what happens when you forget that you have a Yahoo email account you've never actually used for anything.

Gee, and only 43% of it is spam? Idontthinkso.

2 Responses to "Yahoo Email"

  1. I've had one for a long time but I haven't used it for years. My username is a common dictionary word which I think contributes to the huge amount of spam it receives, even with SpamGuard turned on. I think it sometimes gets picked as a "bogus" address when people are filling out web forms for porn sites and such.

    I have anything that doesn't have the account's address on To: or Cc: filtered into a "suspect" folder so there's actually very little in the Inbox (7 in 3 days) but that suspect folder fills up fast. For the last couple of months it's been really bad not because of spam but viruses. I think its variations of the Sober virus.

    Even with some filters sending some stuff straight to trash (andything from Postmaster or Mailer-daemon, anyting with "mail" in the subject that's not addressed to me), I've received 2,053 of these messages in the past 3 days. Since the virus payload is about 75K, my 250MB quota gets filled pretty fast. I think I'm going to get rid of some of my usual spam keywords (adult, free, prize, debt, sex) with some Sober words (details, confirmation, password, delivery, god). At least spam isn't usually 75K each.

  2. Oh, right. My yahoo mail account. *checks*

    525 spam, 13 new in the inbox, most of them also spam who got through their filter. Woohoo.