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PayPal and iTMS

PayPal can now be used to purchase songs with iTMS. In fact, the first 500,000 people to sign up with a PayPal account get 5 free songs.

Are there still 500,000 people with iTunes who haven't yet created an Apple ID and have a PayPal account? And can I - a long-time customer who also has a PayPal account, set my account to prompt me for my form of payment at purchase time?

P.S. I authenticated my PayPal account within iTunes, but I don't seem to get 5 free songs. My Apple ID is not new, nor is my PayPal account. Couldn't I get at least one free song? :-O

One Response to "PayPal and iTMS"

  1. Bleh Paypal. Saddens me Apple is affiliating with such a shifty company. I suggest anyone reading this to avoid Paypal.