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Business Plan Software for the Mac

Is there no equivalent to Business Plan Pro for the Mac? Process is the only thing that comes up on MacUpdate when you search for "business plan" (well, and another one that's not even close).

Gee, look, a huge hole in the Mac market: business plan software!

147 Responses to "Business Plan Software for the Mac"

  1. Hm. I'm needing to write a business plan myself at the moment. Too bad there isn't a good app for it. Process is just an outlining application, I don't see what it has to do with business plans. :\

  2. As I said, it shows up when you search for "business plan" on MacUpdate. It's in their "business" category and its description includes the word "planning."

  3. OmniOutliner and many others could have shown up if they had included "business plan" as possible uses in their product description. You are right that there is a hole in Mac software here. I guess you will need to take some time off from PF and get to work with the new product now, eh!

  4. Uhhh, no.

  5. Here is one:

    Works on Mac.



    1. Stuart, do you know if SBA and SCORE find the product formatting highly rated as they do the Individual Software Microsoft version of Business PlanMaker?

  6. Ooh, I particularly enjoy the groovy MIDI music that begins playing when you visit their site. ICK. I may check it out, but not today. I've already closed the browser window.

  7. Here's an email I sent to the makers of Business Plan Pro: I have Business Plan Pro on a relatively inexpensive PC running Windows XP Home. I have a Mac with the latest version of Office. The Mac is my...

  8. Eeeeentoresting. I get no MIDI music on the Jian website. YMMV, but it was silent for me; anyway, I used Jian's products back in the last century: they worked fine on Mac OS 8/9. Don't let snobby "I hate your website" elitism (which _I_ suffer from) stop _you_ from investigating one of the few Mac-compliant solutions to your question.

  9. Yea, is an interesting site...too bad they don't provide any screenshots of what their software looks like.

  10. I am a programmmer who has been creating Windows software for 15 years and wanted to create one for the Mac. You guys have given me the perfect idea. It will take be about 3 months to create it, but I know I can do better then "Bisiness Plan Pro" after looking at their web site.

    1. Did you make a new business planning program for the Mac?

    2. Here it is 6 yrs later and STILL no Business Plan software for Mac

    3. Hey, sooo... it's been 8 years, and I'm looking for a Business Planning Software... and you said 3 months... so I was wondering... cuz BPP are still updating and putting software out and you said you could do better so I guess it must be pretty amazing

  11. Todd

    Did you ever go to work on the Business Plan Software for the Mac?


  12. I already bought Jian's "software" some years ago. For the Mac it merely consisted of Excel and Word DOC templates, that you manually fill in, something that their Windows version helps you do interactively. I do recall that it came with a book, which I never read. Last night I bought PaloAlto Software's PC app to try out, especially because it includes a copy of Guy Kawasaki's book ART OF THE START (in which my name appears among many others in the credits πŸ™‚ ). Before I open the package I will check the JIAN book I still have to see if that and the templates will help me get started on my TO DO LIST (from 1997) this 2005/2006 holiday weekend. πŸ˜‰


  13. Any luck developing a Mac business planning software?

  14. Really, is there a business plan writer for the mac now? It's been a while, and one would be really appreciated. =)

  15. [quote comment="12960"]I am a programmmer who has been creating Windows software for 15 years and wanted to create one for the Mac. You guys have given me the perfect idea. It will take be about 3 months to create it, but I know I can do better then "Bisiness Plan Pro" after looking at their web site.[/quote]

    okay, todd...your 3 months was up a while ago. where is this amazing software? i need something. please....

  16. Well, looks like my "last straw" search led here and that's that. I tried searching a few months ago and was frustrated after much googling. There is a HUGE hole in Mac software here.

    Glad I have Windows XP running on Parallels on my Mac Book Pro so I'll be able to purchase and use the Windows-only Business Plan Pro. Not everyone is so lucky, though, potential software makers!

    If PaloAlto ported BPP to Mac, they'd have the market cornered.

  17. So, this is what it comes to? i have been trying to boot camp by macbook pro all day to run the windows xp pro i purchased. apple doesn't equip the macbook pro laptop with enough memory to support windows which leads me to a very expensive 99.95 business plan there any help out there?


  18. I have Business Plan and Virtual PC.

    Unless you have a really powerful Mac, they are a torture. Won't recommend the combination to anyone.

    About Jian... Seems a lot of money for just a group of Word & Excel templates.

    You can find some free templates on Google.

    But there is a serious business opportunity for the programmer who dares to develop a Business Plan software for the Mac.

  19. Well todd, there are several of us who would have bought it, so where is it??

  20. Looks like a bunch of us should gang up and create this software ourselves! We'll be rich!

    If only I had a business plan I could present to you...

  21. yeah all of us should get together and create this. If your good at programming hit me up with your email and i will get back to you. I got some start up cash

  22. Wow, I was really surprised to find out that there is really NOT ONE viable solution for step by step plan creation on a Mac. I can just imagine the great looking interface and iApp logic applied in OSX... a pitty. You would think this would be a goldmine, or are we under the assumption that all business minded people only pound on keyboards connected to Windblows PC's?

    Did Todd buy a PC?

  23. OK, so what should I do with the business plan????? Need one! Did you guys make one yet?
    Do you think Steve Jobs wrote his business plan on a PC???

  24. I found this link.

    What do you think?

  25. I just signed on to the fundable plans site, but I'm not really impressed. Kind of outdated and nowhere near being interactive.... I'm very close to giving up my search

  26. I have access to several programmers.... did someone say they had start up capital to get this moving forward? We have the resources if someone would like to finance the R&D and going to market.

  27. OK folks,
    any new development on a descent business plan software for Macs?
    I have been looking and reading for years now!
    JD, did anyone reply to your question dated March 21rst?

  28. No one has yet to respond. Let's make this happen!

  29. I won't repeat to what already has been outlined above but I do confirm that after trying "every" solution out there (including running BP Pro on Virtual PC for PowerPC) that there is a market !

    Plus BP Pro is good but honestly, perfectable.

    I know a lot of people over here in Europe that are in the same mess, so if you're on to something, keep us posted.

    A suivre...

  30. πŸ’‘ I hope you guys still check for updates on this page.

    My boss has been haranguing me about tracking down a Mac-friendly program as well. I am glad (and, uh, sad) that lots of people are in the same predicament.

    So I found a few programs, including ones you've mentioned. But it sounds like some of them are hit-or-miss.

    When in doubt (and I often am) I go to Yahoo!Answers. I'm gonna put up a question there and let Yahoo! users weigh in on which program is worth trying.

    I'll come back and post a link once I get the question going! (Why is there no regular smiley face option?)

  31. This is so sad because this has been going on for years now!! I am in desperate need for a business plan and I can't believe that there isn't one compatible with Mac. If this was discovered so long ago, why hasn't something been done about it?? UUGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!

  32. Well .. I'm another one looking!!! Somebody, anybody .. please!!!

  33. Okay, I was looking for the same thing for a friend of mine, he was even going to run XP through Parallels just for Business Plan Pro, but I found a solution, I think.

    It's a Web2.0 business plan app that "Collaboratively keep your plan up to date, and track its achievement". Basically you can write your business plan online and collaborate with others to see if you are reaching your goals. It's a subscription based service with a 30 day free trial. Seems pretty well setup with all the ajax/web2.0 bells and whistles.

    I have no relation to this service whatsoever but thought I'd just provide an alternative route for Mac people. Hope it helps.


  34. I followed Lane's post and am trying out Plan HQ - looks great so far and the developper is very (VERY) keen on feedback.

    Check it out.


  35. The whole team here at PlanHQ are Mac users, and we prefer to use web apps for running as many aspects of the business as possible.

    The biggest thing I would suggest when looking at business planning and business plan software is its not so much about creating a document, as much as tracking its achievement and changing and updating it as the journey of your business unfolds,

    interested in what any of you think,

    Thanks Lane and Andrew,


  36. Thank you TIM!!! PlanHQ is great.
    I run several Projects and companies in Switzerland and will work with it in future.


  37. Thats great to hear Oli, We're getting quite a few mac users come on board now, and BTW: everyone at PlanHQ use macbooks!


  38. Hello Tim,
    Is your PlanHQ is good for startup business plan?
    I'm new to this and your site look good but kinda lost in business stuff and vocabulary.
    I'm a Mac user looking for a software or online app to help write my startup business plan.

  39. Hi Nicolas,

    Yes its for startups, we have plenty of start-up customers, and we've used it through our start-up process, it's the smart way to get focused on meeting some targets to turn your idea into a business and your business into a profitable one.

    We've tried to be pretty balanced on using business language and just use conventions where it helps, everyone going into business needs to know what their opportunity is, who some of their target market is, competition, sales forecast... PlanHQ helps you get all this down and easy to organise, change, and track.

    Their is help on each page jump on the 30 day fee trial, no credit card required, have a play and see what your business looks like once you can see it on PlanHQ,


  40. I am ANOTHER MAC user who is looking for Business Plan software. I will be happy to see when and if it comes to pass! Good luck to those wo get it up and running!

  41. I am in need of a business plan software also!!!! We need on for the MAC!!!

  42. I have Business Plan Pro and love it, but can't run it on my Mac. The PC crashed so now I have a great computer (the mac), great software (BPP) and no way of using them. Boot Camp is really not an answer either. PLEASE someone make some software for the mac!!!!!

    1. Marnie, et al,
      you can download virtualbox for free, load up a windows copy and use what ever business plan you want WITHOUT dual booting. I do have a fairly strong imac (27, i7, 4 g RAM) but that seems to be a std requirement with all dual bootables, including boot camp. I have work stuff on virtual and home stuff (movies from kids sports) on the imac

  43. Well Plan HQ looks great except for one thing... monthly service charge. I just want to write a business plan not get signed up for a 9-49$ a month fee. I guess if I needed all that extra stuff that would be fine but I don't.

    Would be nice if they had a "business plan only" one time charge for people like me who don't want to have yet another monthly bill to pay.

  44. I can see the mac alternativies aren't really great.

    I think another soultion besides Boot Camp or Parallels is

    I did a search on their website and nobody has tested yet.

    I guess I will try . .

    I used to use Business Plan Pro 2005 a while ago but I lost the disc
    will I am going to buy the 2007 version tulu.

  45. Oh please tell me how Crossover works - I too have a Mac and am in my 5th year with our new biz and really need to create a working business plan before my partner and I kill each other (for lack of a better plan)

  46. Hmmmm....... seems i just got reallt depressed reading backward from the beginning...... i even went to get a pc just to run BBP....
    sad really i will try to contact a few friends to address the issue fo rmac users.... now with the new processors things should change....
    such rocket
    well im sorry for all of us but will mark this as to add or keep reading..... new comments and old....


  47. OH NO! Does this all mean that even if you run windows on your mac you can't load BPP?

  48. Yeap - if you have windows for your MAC you still have no way of running BBP.

    I am going to trying this web based solution -

  49. We've been making good progress on PlanHQ and if you like the mac user experience as we do, you'll probably like PlanHQ, and if you are making a business plan to actually action and achieve it, then this is what you're after, it will make you achieve your business plan.

    FYI: We just launched at DEMO so here's a super quick 6 minute DEMO of PlanHQ that shows you how it makes you achieve your plan.

    I hope no-one thinks we're spamming here, It just seems like there are a lot of mac users serious about their business plan, and so are we, we've just made a solution.

  50. Hey, ANOTHER MAC user looking for a Business Plan Pro for Mac. Since it seems like the only solution is PlanHQ - is that a collaborative took that both Mac and Windows users can use?

    And is it easy to prepare and also print Business Plans for Business School?

  51. Yes everyone on a browser can use PlanHQ the whole team can collaborate around creating and actioning and tracking your business plan, so once ypu make your plan, you actually achieve it.

    And yep, you can customize the document, add in pages, and it will suck through all of the dynamic parts of your plan like your goals, financials... and export a completely up to date word or PDF.

    you can have a play for 30 days and see what you think, no cc required.


    1. Is your organization still out there Tim? I'm in need and would hate to need to purchase a program to run Microsoft on my Mac at the cost of near $200. Come on Mac, get with it.

  52. Wow this subject is really depressing for someone who just bought a Mac!

    Does anyone know if PlanHQ helps you create documents for presentations to investors? I looked at the site demo, and couldn't tell if it was daily business organizer or if it helps create presentations?


  53. I myself am also in search of a mac-equivalent to BPP. Can't wait to see one!

    For curiosity's sake, I would like to know something about many of the people who have posted previously. It seems many of them have been waiting for as long as several years for this software to finally be developped... why haven't these particular people gone and just learned how to do one from scratch? There are soooo many resources out there for anyone interested in assembling their own BP. Seriously, if they were already gung-ho enough to start a business to begin with, why not go the extra inch and learn to write the related business plan maually? Why wait? I don't get it.

    Again, can't wait to get a mac BP maker, but in the meantime I'll do my best to write them straight-up.

  54. Have you guys tried using parallel or boot camp to solve the problem? That's what the BPP rep suggested..

  55. I am curious about the statements that using the new intel-based Macs with Windows installed and using Parallels or Bootcamp does not allow them to use BPP? How is BPP different from any other PC/Windows based application? In theory it should work right? So intead of buying a PC just to run BPP it seems to make more sense to buy Windows??

    Let me know if I am off track here - would love to hear from someone who actually tried this successfully.

    1. I was wondering about that too. I've never found any problems running programs with Parallels, and I don't understand how you could have a problem running in Bootcamp since it's simply running Windows on an Intel x86 chip.

  56. I've been searching Mac business software also and settled on PlanHQ. Something interesting I discovered is that Tim Berry, who authored Business Plan Pro, was a consultant to Apple from 1982 to 1994. Hmmmm...

  57. [quote comment="40503"]I have access to several programmers.... did someone say they had start up capital to get this moving forward? We have the resources if someone would like to finance the R&D and going to market.[/quote]

    After enduring the same difficulties as everyone else to find a suitable business planning program for Mac, I would be prepared to help finance the development JD.

    If anybody else has access to suitable and experienced programmers to bring this project in fruition - you can contact me on

  58. Here's another mac user looking for business plan software. So we've determined that BPP isn't going to run on VM or Bootcamp? Really? I would love to see some sort of progress here, it would be a boon to the company that made the software

  59. Teevo,
    I'm in. We can split the cost to finance. I cannot believe this forum has been up and running for literally years, and nothing has happened yet. I came accross this posting only because I was starting up another business that I needed a business plan for, and I needed a mac based program to help start it up. Go figure. If you're serious... email me at


  60. I too am sharing the same problem!!! I have some money to invest, not a lot but some.

  61. Can the people who have been using PlanHQ let me know how they like it these days...I'm yet another frustrated plan-less Mac user. πŸ˜₯

  62. I'm keen to hear who on here has tried PlanHQ also, as with so many people so keen to get business plan in shape on macs, I'd be surprised not to see quite a few having tried PlanHQ.

    I'm the founder, and I've used biz plan pro years ago, and we've made PlanHQ because I'm sick of business plans that never get achieved, I've had 5 companies and consulted to many others, and the same problem with business plans everytime, they get written, then left behind.

    If you're serious about hitting your plan, then rock over to planhq and trial it for free, love it or not, at least you will have tried whats possibly a more modern approach to business planning,

    Best of luck,

    1. Hi Tim,

      I have tried your Plan-HQ web site and it is nice to have if you already have a company established and need to track your achievement and keep future company tasks in check. But seriously I can't seem to find a way to make help me write a business plane to submit to a bank.

      So how do I do it using your website?????? I need to take a written document to a BANK. This is exactly what BusinessPlanPro does. It accommodates all your forecasts, writes a P&L report, history of similar type of businesses, competitors, budgetary information, planed equipment purchases, depreciation and so on. This list is long.


    2. I agree with Amjedo. Plan-HQ doesn't make any sense for creating a business plan. I've watched the video and read the help topics, but don't see any way to create a business plan to submit with my grant applications and take to my bank.

  63. i go on another wild goose chase! Mac is a great computer, but the software I need is not available ANYWHERE! I need to both Business Plan Pro and Quickbooks for my company. Unless I purchase a PC (:0) I am not able to effectively move forward! ARGH! Cat

    1. Quickbooks is available now and has been for many years. I just upgraded from Quickbooks Pro 6 for Mac (I believe it came out in 2004) to Quickbooks 2010 for Mac. Both have worked great! When I used a tax preparer I would give him a copy to use with his Windows version of Quickbooks with no problems. As for Business Plan Pro, run it in Parallels or Bootcamp.

  64. Well... Am I missing something... No one has responded to the question of whether PlanHQ was worth it's kilobytes or not. I, too, was looking for a mac-based Business Plan Software for a startup and stumbled onto this page and nearly burst a seam laughing in frustration that I was not alone and this chat has being ongoing for a couple of years. I plan to try PlanHQ and I'll report back when I have something to disseminate.

  65. thats IT i got so frustrated that i now have bootcamp on my MAC just so I can run a decent BIZZ program through a windows application because there isnt one for mac.. whats the deal!!! 😯

  66. Still not finding the answer I want to see - Mac business plan software. I would pay any amount for that at this point if it's well done.

  67. I've just signed up for the 30 day trial of PlanHQ and it looks really good.

    Have just thrown all my financial data in there (historic, current and predictions), nice to see I should be making a profit this time next year πŸ™‚

    Will have a look at the goals etc later but have a feeling it strays from what most people would expect from a business plan and is more focussed on making your business succeed (I don;t think that's a bad thing πŸ™‚

    Will give some more feedback later

  68. Here's another online one, very simple, no save function. It give you a template to type into and then gives you the start of a plan (same as Word templates really....)

  69. πŸ˜•
    Needless to say I have found myself in the same boat as many people here. I own a mac and love it, but am seeking software to assist me in developing my business at the start up phase. I purchased BPP, and had to return it and eat the shipping cost. I have been searching the web and found JIAN, but did not like the web or the cost of the program. From what I can tell from reading all of the posts here, this is a problem that Apple has left unaddressed for the last 2-3 years minimum and there is defenitely a big need for this software. It is a shame. I am seeking software to help me develop my start up dessert bar/cafe, but even the suggested links aren't impressive. I guess i will check out fundableplans, planware and planhq, but not sure what to expect and I don't want to spend thousands of dollars.
    I hope that we are all able to find a great solution and one that is so widely liked as BPP for the PC world.
    best of luck to all and if anyone has a great solution that offers someone to write a business plan, create great charts - even if you are not someone who is a business person and more creative.

  70. At risk of alienating every MAC user in the universe (and parallel universes, too), you could try running Windows on your MAC. There are a couple of feasible options out there. Check out this site for info:

    I've owned Parallels and had mixed feelings about it. There were problems connecting to the internet and getting my CD drive to work properly. I found support to be there, but lacking. Having said that, it did successfully run Windows (XP).

  71. I spoke with the people at BPP - palo alto software - they told me that there is no guarantee that BPP will work even if i run windows on my mac.
    I would be happy if that was the solution but it is not 100% guarantee.
    I think I am going to find someone to help me write the plan
    I am tired of wasting time because no one has decided to develop software in the last 2 years to solve this problem

  72. I use VMware Fusion to run my Win 2000 on Leopard. And I did install a copy of Business Plan Pro 2007. It works perfectly and without any problem.

  73. I saw the VM Fusion ware at the apple store - so if i download that software I could then install win 2000 -- what is leopard? I have a macbook that is about 2 years old and is running OSX. I have seen leopard mentioned, but not sure what that is or how to start the process. Let me know if anyone could guide me through the proper steps.

  74. There is no problem to use your 2 years old Mac. Yu may have the older version of Apple os.x which is compatible with VM Fusion. The process is easy and there is a very good video guide for it. Then, you have your windows and can easily install whatever pc program you like.

  75. [quote comment="47900"]I spoke with the people at BPP - palo alto software - they told me that there is no guarantee that BPP will work even if i run windows on my mac...[/quote]
    I too contacted them about two weeks ago about a possible mac version. The woman I spoke to said that there was a mac version coming out in three months. Whether she was correct or 'full of it' remains to be seen. I can't belive that Palo Alto Software has taken so long in getting a Mac version on the market πŸ™

  76. Ok, here's the skinny. Palo Alto will be releasing a web app version of BPP geared at the Mac community. It will be release Q4 of 2008. In the meantime, if anyone would like a Apple Pages business plan template, I have created one that looks and works really nicely. If you are interested, please email me at

    1. Here's what's currently posted on Palo Alto's site re BPP:

      "Sorry, no Mac version
      Due to weak demand and high development costs, we no longer offer a dedicated version of Business Plan Pro for Mac OS, nor do we have a Mac version of Marketing Plan Pro. You can use the software on a Mac running Windows via Boot Camp, Parallels, or VMware."

  77. Well, I just got a new thinkpad to run BPP.

  78. Well gang ... here we are almost 4 yrs. later and still no "real" business plan software for the Mac. I too, am in need of the same software and as the saying goes, "misery loves company." I had just sent an email to our friends in Palo Alto and I'll see what info floats back. I sure hope that web app version is ready.

    Keep hope alive ...

  79. Quarter 4 Of 2008 What Do We have:
    Sorry, no Mac version
    Due to weak demand, we no longer offer a dedicated version of Business Plan Pro for Mac OS. But you can use the software on a Mac running Windows via Boot Camp, Parallels, or VMware.

    WE NEED MORE MAC USERS hahahahahah

  80. Hey I'm a developer of software programs for Mac Os X & Windows XP & Owner of iTechWare LLC, I can put this together. An example of software I have already created is at

    Some things I need...

    - An exact layout of how you want the program to be (window for window) with the functions of how it will be. This way I can estimate how much time it would take to complete.
    - If we are making an exact copy of the windows version, will there be any copyright issues involved, what can we change to be different.
    - I need to know what KEY features of BBP that my program MUST have to make it compete properly or there is no point in creating this.
    - What price will this sell for?
    - Many Examples of the Quality Products 'It Should Create' after it's done.
    - Things it may expand into later must be laid out.
    - The other thing I need is some capital to get started based on the estimated value, I have a feeling it will be at least $1000 at the minimum, but this may rise depending on the level of expertise needed for extra help. I will also be willing to invest at least $500 of my own funds to assist as well in art and promotion related costs.
    - I am willing to go 50/50 so long as the projected 50% will be even with my investor when considering advertising and other server costs & time to upkeep.

    I am looking forward to reply's to Lets get started on this. I can respond bi-weekly with a response here [will set it in iCal to warn me =)].

    1. Hi Joe,

      I just stumble on this forum desperate for a Mac business plan.

      The premier software that many would like to see emulated is Palo Alto's, "Business Plan Pro"

      What makes it exceptional is not only that it is powerful program but that so much of it is customizable in its formatting and presentation that the person who receives the finished presentation doesn't know they were given a template because it looks so original. How Mac is that!?

      If you can recreate that for us Mac users you'll have your very own cult following! And hopefully you will be showered in money!

  81. hi joe, sorry man but you want us to do the work for you. just put it together, make it good, and sell it to us!

    1. Jeez, some thanks. That was a pretty snarky response to Joe who just offered to create Exactly(!) what you've been asking and bitching for for years. Just put "it" together... What is "it"? Joe just asked you to to tell him what you needed and he would give it to you...
      Something tells me you're just the type to complain about what a "crappy" job someone did building a database -after you told him to, "just put it together"...

  82. Allen you forgot that Joe also wants us to fund the thing too. I'd love to help, but we just need a Biz plan to plan and model the bix plan software... Hmmmm

  83. Oh And Let Me Guess You Use A Mac SO There Is no business Plan Software TO Plan The Business Plan


  84. New to the thread, and need a Mac -based business plan builder BADLY. To avoid copyright issues, I suggest you team up with someone who wrote a book on making business plans, and use the book as an outline for how to setup the software. Whomever write the book can write the manual! Good luck, and I'l be first in line...

  85. Yes, I need Business Plan Pro for MAC or something!!!!! Help!! I have been looking for months. I am tired of looking at this stupid plan and I am ready to put it on paper!!! πŸ™‚
    Also, I agree with Allen and boom boom.....if I could do all that JOE, I wouldn't need you.

  86. hehe, I guess there is still interest in this which is good. This would be a difficult program to put together, but I'll do my best to come up with something on my own, come June I'll have lots of free time and plan to do this then. You guys better actually buy when I make it ^_~. I will layout my 'plan' for the program here in a bit to await comments to see if you guys like it or not.

  87. Does anyone have an actual review for the JLan Biz Plan Builder. It looks comparable. I'd rather use something that is written for Mac than purchasing VMware or Parallels...


    1. Michael ... here's a comment that was made earlier in this thread on Jian: "I already bought Jian's "software" some years ago. For the Mac it merely consisted of Excel and Word DOC templates, that you manually fill in, something that their Windows version helps you do interactively. I do recall that it came with a book, which I never read." This was made in Dec. of 2005 and I hope things have changed since then.

      Also listed in this thread is Plan HQ ( Plan HQ is a web based application so it doesn't matter if you are on PC or Mac. Along the same web based application line is a free business plan writing program that is available on SCORE's website ( It is free and seems to be quite thorough. Plus you get the support from SCORE with answers to your questions.

      Hope this helps.

      ... Jena 😎

  88. I'm going to take a look at the windows version of businessplanpro and see what it has in more detail and put forth some GUI examples, I have my own personal funding now that I can use to put this together. I assume I just have to make an exact clone of businessplanpro the windows version by palo alto and you guys would probably be all game.

    Thing is, I'm not sure if I will be able to emulate everything he does perfectly which begs the question what are the 'critical' features that must be there, the core reasons you would buy it. If I had to take out features to save time on the initial version what can you live without?

    What price would you guys be willing to pay for this if I do it? Let me know, and of course I'm still interested in doing 50/50 with someone who wants to help fund, but I do have funding to do this myself now.

  89. Sorry to double post here but,

    I took a look and it's in version 11.0, there is no way possible that I can even come close as a single programmer to matching all those features...

    This is why it's so critical to me that someone help me with what you find as the MOST critical feature(s) that would make you want to purchase the program and I will start with those. If it works out hopefully I can use that money to further the program along in much the same manner as the businessplanpro software.

  90. I've just noticed I first visited this site in 2006. πŸ™‚
    To encourage the programmers, the need is still there. I'll buy it.

  91. wow 3 years and no one has anything? Gosh Guess I'm going into business play software development for Mac. Wish me luck. I will try to have something within 3 months

  92. i will buy

  93. Hi,

    I used ION Fresh Start for building my business plan using a Mac. I loved it! They have everything in Pages and Numbers + Word for Mac and Excel for Mac - whichever one you use.

    It just came out this summer.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Eva, I have a few questions I am hoping you can answer.

      I am looking to build a business that requires a lot of start-up costs, employees, insurance, equipment, etc.

      Do you know if the Ion Fresh Start program helps a lot with the financials and sales projections (monthly and yearly)?

      Will this program help build charts and graphs to show this?


  94. I can't believe that not a single company has a software package available for the Mac community. I guess "creatives" don't run businesses in these folks' minds. I'm calling my cousin, who's an awesome do-it-all programmer, and suggesting he and his buddies get to work on this. Until then I guess I'm off to try the web based solutions. Thanks for the links.

  95. Hi Eva,

    I came across ION too. It's hard to get a sense of what's included and if it will fill my needs based on their website. In fact, before you sign up to buy, they quote this:

    NOTE: This is a digital download. You will receive a digital copy after payment. REMEMBER: This is not software or a business plan template. See what's included to make sure this is the solution for you.

    So... how do I know if this software will help me build a simple plan from the ground up? I've seen people complain about templates, etc., but for the novice like me, a template at least gets the format down and allows for a starting place of understanding and information gathering without being a marketing consultant or accountant.

    Your input is appreciated.


    1. Michelle, I was just on Skype with ION today and the person online said they are updating the website that shows everything included - with screen shots and more information. I got an email this morning about an updated version of the Plan coming out this week but there is nothing on the site about it yet. In the email they said they would send a free updated version to everyone who has purchased the older version - so I guess that is how I know.

      Here is what the current version has:
      25+ page PDF of pure explanation of everything you need for the plan.
      A document that asks you questions - and your answers build the skeleton for the plan.
      A huge financial workbook with all of the required financials. And charts too where you just enter the numbers and the charts auto-create.

      According to the person on Skype, the new version will have a Word and Pages version of an actual business plan, that you can use as a guide and it will have tables and charts in the plan. She/he also said there is a new financial glossary so you can understand the financials. BUT I do not know for sure about all of this. I will update all of this on Thursday after I receive the updated version.

  96. Check out there is a freeware version. Checking it out now.

    Sorry if anyone already offered this one, I stopped reading at comment 66...


  97. [quote comment="54910"]Eva, I have a few questions I am hoping you can answer.

    I am looking to build a business that requires a lot of start-up costs, employees, insurance, equipment, etc.

    Do you know if the Ion Fresh Start program helps a lot with the financials and sales projections (monthly and yearly)?

    Will this program help build charts and graphs to show this?

    Rachel, Yes - it has all of the financials - like 15 workbooks and charts too. All of the workbooks are integrated to one another. I just received an email today that they have an updated version coming out on Thursday 06 August. The financials workbooks are in Numbers and Excel.

  98. Hi Eva,

    First, it's so nice of you to spend time answering questions for us about ION. I hope you won't mind if I ask one more. Have you heard of Biz Plan Builder by Jian? It was built for a Mac platform. It's a bit pricier; however, I don't mind spending an extra $50 bucks if it will help.

    So... what have you heard/know?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Michelle - I have heard of Biz Plan Builder but I have never used it. It is software, right? And it looks like they have templates too. I don't know much about it. If you buy it, let me/us know if you love it! It looks like it could be pretty good. ~ Eva

    2. I have used Biz Plan Builder by Jian and was not at all impressed. I actually found this thread because I'm looking all over for options other than using that again. I may buy Business Plan Pro, but I think I'm going to try Ion first.

  99. Thanks for your help Eva!

    I have actually ordered software to install Windows onto my computer, so I am just going to buy Palo Alto. I have heard a lot of good things about the program and even read an article in Entrepreneurship magazine. Not sure if anyone has thought of installing Windows, but since Macs are so creative-mind driven, that for us business people, it probably would help to have Windows.

    Please let me know if anyone sees any concerns with installing Windows and going this route.

    - Rachel

    1. Rachel - I have Windows installed on my Mac, but the Palo Alto software did not work on my computer. This was 2 years ago so things may have changed, plus there is a high probability that I did something wrong installing the BP software. Please let me know if you are successful with your attempts - just curious. Thanks! ~ Eva

    2. HI Rachel - I used ion fresh start and i found it to be very good. it is not software, but a help guide that steps you through writing your own custom business plan. it has all of the financials with formulas which was great for me. there is a sample biz plan in Pages that i used - just switched around some wording and customized it to my own. the actual guide was very good for me, taught me a lot about starting a business. when i had a question, someone got back to me very quickly. the fact that it had iWork applications made it so easy for me.

      Eva, i have also used palo alto but had problems installing windows on my mac. however, when i used it on a pc it was very intuitive and powerful - but this was years ago before i bought a mac.

  100. Hi Michelle and Rachel - I received my upgrade from ION but I have not had a chance to review it yet. The website has been updated, and shows screenshots of the package that you get upon order. It looks like they've added a complete business plan and a couple of other items. - Have a great weekend. ~ Eva

  101. Wow. 5 years and running. I just read through this whole page, alot of info and no action.

    I called Palo Alto Software today - 800-229-7526. I spoke with one of the sales reps, explained OUR problem. And he told me that they have a beta version that are sending out to a small number of testers to use online. I signed up and I was told that I will receive the email invite next week sometime. I guess there was such a high number of calls and complaints about our problems and woes and they finally finally finally came to their senses and took the right step forward. They said they are only extending the invite to serious Biz Plan users who want to build a plan within the next 2 months. All the bells and whistles, nothing less.

    good luck! if I could develop, I would have taken all of you up on the offer to build the software, we would have had an iPhone app by now!

  102. haha i just read through the whole post, and still no business plan πŸ™ well i guess we'll have to wait a little while longer

  103. I think one other person mentioned but I thought I'd mention it again because it was largely ignored. Generally, the most difficult part of the business plan to create is the financial model and, for that, VPSpro provides a very easy web-based interface that breaks the model into little bits and creates excellent financial statements with ratio analysis, as well. It's also relatively cheap.

    I teach entrepreneurs how to build their business and most of the apprehension is in the financial model. When its presented in the way VPSpro does it, its very quick and easy to do.

    For the text portion of the plan, there are an infinite umber of templates that you can use. Essentially, you're just documenting the assumptions from your financial model.

    Hope this helps. And please reply if you have questions!

  104. Check out I just downloaded the app the other day on my mac. I have been searching all over the internet for FREE business plan software and this one is pretty good! (well for a newbie such as myself) gives you a workable template for your plan. This was exactly what I was looking for. The only thing that I can't seem to find now is a free financial planning program for mac. It recommends using Exl-Plan for financial projections however that is for Windows and I can't run it on the mac.. so half the battle is won and now time to keep searching!

    I'll be taking a look at VPSpro that Dave mentioned above.

  105. There's really no substitute for Business Plan Pro though Palo Alto Software treats Mac users like pariahs. In any case, I received
    this email from them:

    Although we do not currently have a version of Business Plan Pro designed for the Mac, there are solutions that allow you to run Windows programs on your Mac. Many of our customers use Business Plan Pro every day on their Macs, using either "Fusion", "Parallels" or Apple "Bootcamp". <<

  106. This is so funny! Tim Berry, the boss of Palo Alto Software, has been working for Apple for 14 years:
    And now he doesn't even have a Mac version of Business Plan Pro ?! Very strange ...

  107. I tried to use BPP on my Mac and it did not work.

    I recently used ION Fresh Start and I found it to work really well. Just used regular iWork apps - easy!

  108. OMG... I came here hoping & praying after this string began in Dec. '04 someone would have developed or found some kind of BizPlan software. But nothing. Read the whole page. Very depressing. Well I guess I'll try the ION Fresh Eva raved about. If that fails I'll just borrow my sister's windows laptop and buy Biz Plan Pro. Dang Palo Alto Software.

    Really I can't believe this. I need to refocus my start-up to business planning software for the MAC! I could make zillions...

  109. Just use Pages and Keynote! Who needs software?

  110. Well unless your business plan is to open a lemonade stand having software that can track your status, let you step-in at different sections, and help calculate the financials having software is more than helpful! An excellent BizPlan program ensures you will produce a professional looking 40 page document vs. something that looks like a school paper! BizPro is actually working out perfectly forme...I just wish they made it for MAC!

  111. There is a softwear by Jian Bizplan builder.

  112. ok so after investing / being forced to use BPP on my mac using windows xp.... im just saying there has to be sum strange reason why this hasn't reached critical mass... I guess mac people dont want to be in business... well if we cobble together the resources i guess we can create an online solution... oops BPP all ready tried that and Shi> canned it...... can ya help a mac cat out...

    1. Kai - I used BBP on my mac too (or at least tried to) but found IonFreshStart to actually be better. But I guess it was what I was looking for and maybe you are looking for something different. I agree - an online solution would rock!

  113. Whats needed, what everyone here wants to a template that uses Numbers, Pages and Keynote all linked with preassembled micros. If these standard apple app's are used in the template, then upgrades will be compatible, ten of millions of users already have the app's and so could use the template.

    I don't understand why the Pages team at Apple have not sought to address this in the pre packaged templates that ship with Pages.

  114. We used ION Fresh Start and it worked very well for us and it also has a Keynote presentation included. It works with Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

    But the real reason we are on this site is to see if anyone knows of a way to import a Keynote presentation to an online venue - to present your business plan online. Thank you!

  115. Business Plan Pro for Mac - try a cloud based solution from Palo Alto Software

  116. At last! seems great.

    The only problem is the price: $240 a year is a lot!

    Our friends at Palo Alto need to undersatnd that cloud apps call for a completely different price structure. Apple just launched Lion, a full OS including lots of new apps, for just $29.99 flat, not monthly.

    I'll wait and see.

    Un abrazo,Β 

  117. Looking for it now Robby, thanks

  118. Everyone promoting Jian or Fundable as a "Mac" business plan software should be stoned to death!
    Who are you folks? Paid crooks path-cutters?

  119. for newbies the site is NOT at all bad.

    save each section, cut and paste to your doc, adjust fonts, save

    then go to next section etc.

  120. free biz plan software .com is a template that is much shorter, easier to use than the jian PC only products. Opens in MAC word and is FREE and includes the book. I stumbled on this one while on the SCORE site (also free and you can get a small business mentor, check for your area at but what makes it exceptional is that its very focused and easy to understand what I am doing. Jian has to many moving parts, none of which I am an expert.

  121. It really is a shame that most of these sites want you to design your business plan online...why should I? Need a software based solution for the mac...not just templates. How much would be a decent amount to charge for one? Say us$59 for an instant download? iPhone and iPad capable?

  122. Just found one!

    Very expensive, but at list there's an alternative.

    At last!

  123. Very nice, I had to turn down this project in favor of another business project I'm working on, but good to know someone made a software app finally!