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Jets 6, Steelers 17

steelershelmet.jpgThe Steelers played a nice second half to come from 3-0 and 3-3 to beat the New York Jets today, 17-6. The Steelers were once again without Plaxico Burress and Duce Staley was once again Stale. Jerome Bettis threw for a touchdown and ran for one, so you know it was a screwy game.

The Steelers gave up only six points and no touchdowns. The Jets never got inside the Steeler Red Zone. Curtis Martin, now fifth on the all-time list having passed Bettis (sixth), was held to 72 yards rushing. Pennington threw for 198 and Roethlisberger for 144, but Chad threw three INTs: one as they were driving for a field goal and another to lock up the game. Ben threw two, too: a tip from Ward and a hail mary INT that ended the first half.

Lee Mays stepped up with one big reception for 46 yards, and Ward, Staley, and Kreider each had a multiple-catch game. The Steelers looked a tad slow to get going, in contrast to their New England and Philadelphia victories, but they showed something else today: that they can close out games hot too.

With the Steelers victory, they have clinched a spot in the playoffs and the AFC North. There's still a great amount of work left to be done, though.