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Peyton Manning, Ass

I really only have one question about Peyton Manning: did Dan Marino throw 48 touchdowns by blatantly running up the score every week? They've won by 27, 32, 31, and 35 points in their last four wins. Against Houston, Chicago, Detroit, and Tennessee (teams that weren't going to overcome a 10-point win). In other words, were Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins as big a bunch of assholes as Peyton and the Colts are? I like going for records, but I like having class and respect for an opponent too!

20 Responses to "Peyton Manning, Ass"

  1. How is he an ass? In all of hte games you mentioned, Manning was either out of the game or didn't score in the fourth quarter (he even came out before the end of the 3rd in the Lions game). You can't expect a starting offense to go out of the game before the end of the third quarter. That's just silly.

    Just look at the scoring summary. The only game there was any 4th quarter scoring as last week, and I would justify that after the trickery Tennessee was trying to pull in the first quarter. They deserved a beatdown.

  2. Gee, I dunno, but the Texans sure have a compelling case, do they not? With 1:36 in the third quarter, and leading by four touchdowns, the Texans filled the box expecting game-, clock-, and ball-control offense (i.e. running). Instead, Peyton passes for yet another touchdown.

    Seems a bit like an ass to me.

  3. If Peyton sucked a little more, he'd be less of an ass? I don't understand your logic.

  4. Unnecessarily boosting your stats by running up the score = ass. That's the topic. I'm no Marino fan, but I don't think they ran up the score as the Colts do.

  5. See, this is how football works. There's an offense whose goal is to score points. There's a defense whose goal is to stop the opposing offense from scoring points. There's also a predertermined time span (60 minutes) in which the offense tries to achieve it's goal and the defense strives for it's goal. A touchdown pass in the first 5 minutes is no different than a touchdown in the last 5 minutes. It's all within the rules.

  6. Alex, duh. But there are also unwritten "rules" about being a jackass and running up the score. The Steelers, up 27-3 against the Eagles and on their 8-yard-line with 2:30 remaining, kneeled instead of going for a TD or a field goal. That's classy, not "assy."

  7. Oh please, the "Play like gentlemen" crap. you want that? Play without scores. Don't have a winner or a loser.

    You play to win. that means next week's game too. So, if you can get some intimidation in by completely destroying your current opponent, you do it. Did you win by 50 points? Good for you. Did you only win by 1? Good for you. If you aren't prepared to commit mayhem on the field, then don't play football. Hell, every damned person in on the "Don't score when you have a chance" decision with that Steeler's game should be suspended or fired.

    You play pro football to win, and win big. Anything else is amateur bullshit.


  8. You play to win, not to win big. There's no advantage in demolishing anyone in the NFL. You risk injury, you embarrass people, and you're regarded as an ass.

    Nobody's said "play like gentlemen" but there is an underlying honor code, and the Colts flip it the bird week after week. It's insulting, rude, condescending, and "assy."

    Win, yes, but do it with class. Not by picking on a team fronting 8 and down 28 points really late in the third quarter.

  9. I don't know if I'd go as far as John to say that object of the game is to win big, but it is to win. Even when there are few minutes left, and a team has a comfortable lead, there's something to be said about going through the motions of the game. And for the offense, that is to score. it's tough to criticize a player and a coach from the bleachers. Who's in the game, are the players trying to get something down, is the guard slow in pulling, not pickikng up his block correctly? Is the QB making the right reads, the back picking up the blitz? What about the guys on D... maybe they're backups getting a little more playing time and having the chance to show what they can do is a good thing for them. With the limited rosters in the NFL, this isn't a big concern but it is a factor.

    And if the QB takes a knee in a "gentlemenly" fashion at the end of the contest, is that not an insult to the defense? "You can't stop me, I could score if I wanted to, you pathetic losers. I'll just take a knee to to show you I'm a better man than you'll ever be."

  10. Sorry, don't mean to spam your blog... If I'm not mistaken, Cincy was down 35-3 to New England this weekend. The game finished up at 35-28. You never, ever, call off the dogs at the end of the 3rd quarter. Just ask Seattle, Green Bay, and the Buffalo Bills about that. The Bills had one of the greatest comebacks in NFL playoff history after getting crushed for 3 quarters.

  11. You are mistaken. They were never down 35-3. The most cursory of checks would have told you that.

    Kneeling is a safe way of not running up the score. It's not insulting - just look at the NFL, listen to the people who play in it, coach it, and talk about it. Duh!

    It's not like the Colts don't have a running game with James. Three running plays can take nearly (or over) two minutes off the clock.

  12. I played the game (not NFL obviously), but I know there's more going on than meets the eye. Here in Georgia, the high school mercy rule doesn't even kick in until a team is up by 28 points, and it's not even enforced without the coaches permission until the 4th quarter. I don't see anything wrong with Peyton throwing a TD pass late in the 3rd or 4th quarter. I have more of a problem with Brett Favre taking a dive, thereby giving Michael Strahan the single season sack record.

    I can't believe you'd leave EJ in at the end of the game, letting him pile up his stats. That's just not right.

  13. The Favre/Strahan thing was weak, agreed.

  14. I really don't know anything about how this NFL season is playing out, because I am too busy with grad school most weekends of this season. I do know that my alma mater, University of Florida, is having some huge difficulties this year and in years past.

    We had a coach, Spurrier, who you'd probably describe as an ass. He won consistantly though, and it worked to his advantage to be like that, because it helped him in recruiting -- players want to play for a coach that dominates and lets players run up scores and stats.

    Now we have had Ron Zook for the last few years and he is much, much more "classy" -- the way you'd like it. The problem is that it costs him games. Now he is fired. People can make comebacks. Athletes and crowds love it. When you want to win, and you have something to prove you dominate to show that you are the best.

    Also, there should be something to be said in being totally dominating rather than classy. If you hold up no mercy and leave it all on the field every time, then next game, next season or whenever the opposing team will eventually win, and they'll know that you didn't let up. They beat you and you are a great team accustomed to putting it all out on the field for the entire 60 minutes. That is satisfying. So is being beaten by a large differential and getting a big reminder that you need to work harder and practice more.

    It is one thing to hear a coach tell you that they took a knee, a completely different thing to have your coach remind you that you lost by four touchdowns.

  15. David, college football is a different game. You're rewarded for running up the score in college because you're not ranked by raw wins and losses and a playoff structure, but instead by people's opinions.

    That's not true in the NFL.

  16. While I will admit the Colts have put some serious numbers on the board, I have to ask a question. Have you looked at Dolphins scores in 1984? The lowest score they had during the entire regular season was 21 points (including the games they lost) and they averaged 32 points/game. To date, the 2004 Colts have averaged 34 points/game. Doesn't sound like Peyton and company are running up the score any more than the 'Fins in 1984.

    Manning has said repeatedly that his primary goal this year is to win. You only do that by scoring more points than the other team. This is the NFL (Not For Losers) and on any given Sunday, the other team can come back and kick your @$$. You better show up and play every week, "gentleman's code" aside.

    By the way, he looked like a "gentleman" last night when he took a knee twice in the final minute to run out the clock.

  17. Kelli, his team was up by 10 against a Ravens defense. Getting a ball picked off and run the other way for a TD would cut the lead to 3. An onside kick, 15 yards, and it's a tie game.

    Last night's move was a coaching decision. There was no other call to make. Besides, I asked the question: "In other words, were Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins as big a bunch of assholes as Peyton and the Colts are?" If the answer is yes, so be it. Nobody's really bothered to answer it.

  18. Hey Erik. I'm a bit late to this chit-chat but I just thought I'd chime in anyway. As someone who's played competitive sports most of his life I would hope nobody is "taking a knee" for me. If they're doing it because it's the smart thing to do then so be it. If they're doing it to avoid shaming me then it's just disrespectful. I'm not an NFL watcher and maybe things are seen differently there but if you wanna play with the big boys...

    Brings to mind an NHL play off game from way back. I can't remember when actually. I think it was the Toronto Maple Leafs though. They were up by one and the other team pulled the keeper with a few minutes to go. Somebody, maybe Al Iafrate, got the puck for Toronto and had a pretty clear shot at the empty net. He didn't even look up. He just shot the puck into the corner. Pretty much everyone was shocked. The next day he was quoted in the paper saying something like, "empty net goals are for losers". That's gold!

  19. Well, why shouldn't he! That what the fans want to see; after all, they are the ones buying the tickets. Peyton is truly a hot item in any fantasy league. Do you think they want to see him take a knee? Give it to Edge every time? Cmon, this is the NFL! Just being a high-scoring QB screams a loud message to every defense in the league. Hey, they gotta cover every receiver no matter how far they go! And leaves a lot of room for Edge...

  20. Ummm, well, i would have to say that you can really be wrong about a guy. I mean, have you even givin him a chance? do you really care about attention or do you just have no kindness? I mean, you sound like a good enough guy... why don't you relive your stress and get a lah-tay?(tee hee)