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First Real Snow

So the first real snow has come: Erie is expected to get about 12" of wet snow tonight. Great for snowmen, bad for driving.

Snow in Erie, PA

My dad and I took my car in to have a flat fixed and get the oil changed. I'm relieved that I made a smart "all-weather" decision in Florida seven or eight months ago despite not knowing I'd be living in Erie this winter. Carey has a final 45 miles away at 5pm, but I've strongly encouraged her to put that off until at least daytime hours tomorrow. This isn't weather you want to be driving in if you value your life.

Bummer that you can still see the screen... I could have taken the picture out the front door, but fuggit. I'd get cold. 🙂

3 Responses to "First Real Snow"

  1. Stop making me jealous. I want snow too, no ice rain. *shakes fist*

    You could blur the photo so you don't see the screen! Yes! Blur it! (I also think you should have run it through Photoshop's auto correct levels feature or something like that.) 😀

  2. Just run it through your scanner with the Descreen option turned on. 🙂

  3. I like the screen. It gives the photo more of a personality and perspective.