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Cocoa Photoshop Toolbar Buttons

I've concluded my search, and I've found nothing. I went looking for a class that could behave similarly to Photoshop's toolbar buttons. The critical characteristics include:

  1. Looks like a square button.
  2. Able to have a submenu and, also, to not.
  3. Able to display that menu after a given time period, not when clicking only on a very small arrow.
  4. Able to respond to keystrokes like "w" or "i".
  5. Able to be used within an NSMatrix.
  6. Able to act as a radio button, "unchoosing" any other tools. This could be done in the controller, too.

If anyone knows of some code somewhere that does this - or even a Cocoa application with something like Photoshop's toolbar buttons - please let me know.

2 Responses to "Cocoa Photoshop Toolbar Buttons"

  1. The one that immediately comes to mind is the tool palette thingy in OmniGraffle. It seems to fit all of your criteria outlined above (errr... except perhaps No. 5 as I have absolutely no idea what an NSMatrix is, apart from it probably has nothing to do with Keanu Reeves).


  2. Yes, also similar to the tools in OmniGraffle. But that doesn't mean OmniAppKit (and the 13 million frameworks it relies on) is the answer: that's too much bulk for a few little buttons.