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QotD: iPorn

Playboy iPodQuestion: Do you have porn in your iPhoto Library?

My Answer: No. My porn is carefully catalogued elsehwere. 🙂

I'm prompted to ask this question by Playboy, who has now begun offering iPod Porn (they're calling it iBod). Basically, well, here:

Now you can view individual images or entire slide shows on the go. Playboy has harnessed the digital photo revolution to put our sexiest girls next door in the palm of your hand. Simply download any of the image galleries below to your desktop and upload them to your iPod Photo handheld device.

The galleries, of which there are three currently (Playmates, Blondes, and Voluptuous Vixens) are .zipped directories of JPEGs measuring 440 x 352. I do not have an iPod photo, so I need not these "iBod"s.

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8 Responses to "QotD: iPorn"

  1. I always thought of iPods as a device for people on the go, which might be attributed to the one place I typically see them in use, around the campus of my University. Wouldn't iBods be marketed similarly, then? If so, I seriously do not want to have some random guy (or girl) sit down next to me on the campus bus, and break out that little device just to look at porn. The last things I want to notice are a bulge in his pants or watch him caress the photo screen, wishing he were actually playing with some chick's breasts.

  2. This story reminds me of the time I was working on a plane. This guy leans over and asks me - "Do you use your machine to look at porn?" I told him that I was getting my Masters on line and I did not have the time. He just looked at me. He later commented that his theory was that most people used their machines to look at porn.

    Personally I was insulted. I believe that like the right to swing one's fists (Oliver Wendall Holmes) - keep it and them to yourself.

  3. To answer your question then:

    No, I have porn in my iPhoto Library because I do not collect porn at all. It does not do much for me. However, I do have a small collection of erotica (the kind that actually sparks some interest from my lower regions--not the soft-core crap found at Wal-Mart). Words excite me more than pictures or videos, unless I am viewing a picture or video of myself (distributed solely to my boyfriend).

  4. Sorry, I meant that I don't have porn in my iPhoto Library...

    I should proofread more often. 😉

  5. Playboy Rolling with the Times.... iPorn

    Glad to see that Playboy has accepted the challenge of delivering porn to the masses through new and interesting mediums...

  6. Hey Erik, I did a short little piece on portable media devices and porn and stole the image included with this QotD. For whatever reason, the contrast/gamma on my powerbook is funky and I noticed that while the intended effect of playboy's graphic was to emulate apple's iPod ads, they missed the mark, and you can indeed see nipple.

    This doesn't bother me in the least, and is obviously understandable in an article about porn, but super-anal webmasters may see this as an NWS image. I'm sure not many people regard your site as NWS, so perhaps you should consider changing/removing this image. I just cut out some of the black levels in photoshop and posted it as a png to my article:

    Take care.

  7. I swear occasionally, so I'm not worried about the "NWS" bit. People shouldn't be cruising around blogs from work too much, anyway. 🙂

  8. I didn't think foul language alone was grounds for an NWS branding, I always figured sexually explicit or extremely offensive material was the stuff that crossed the line. I suppose if somebody found that barely visible blob of a nipple offensive they'd probably find cursing the same.

    My parents still enjoy poking around on my domains, especially while they're at work. I know that mine were both blacklisted as non-worksafe by their proxy but the IT guy flipped some switch. They like to keep tabs on their baby 🙂