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Kelly ain't no Bill, that's for damn sure.

3 Responses to "Apprentice"

  1. I suppose that depends on what you're looking for. I fully admit that as a TV personality Bill is far superior. However, Kelly seems like a good solid worker. If the job were actually real, I'd pick Kelly. However, as it's mostly just a PR thing...

  2. This season was incredibly disappointing. All the women were worthless (no, not because they are women, because they were lousy). The only two compelling people on the show (Raj and Andy) got fired in the middle of the show. The last few weeks were boring and uninspired. And, on top of it all, the biggest raging d-bag in the history of the show wins. Kelly is cocky, emotionless, uninteresting, and a bit of an asshole if you ask me. That, and Regis was on the final episode for no reason at all. What's up with that?

    I would take Bill, Kwame, Amy, and Raj over either Kelly _or_ Jen. But then again, I don't think like Donald Trump (I don't find solid gold toilets classy).

    Here is hoping for a "Survivor: Vanuatu" style turnaround for The Apprentice 3!

  3. A quick word, or question about the Apprentice... is it me or did the entire show seem like a -HUGE- staged set-up? Geroge was pro-Jen then everyone else was pro-Kelly. Kelly supporter after support then Kelly's former boss then they go to his support part... hmmm yes I know they did the same for Jen (boss and party) but Regis had to of know where they sat (he did)... he had to know where the commerical breaks where (he did) he had to know where all the little cliff hangers like Raj's love life tease... or what about knowing what clip would play when. Sure some of that was going to be part of the show. However the "un-scripted" part of the show went a little to well. I lost all respect for the show.

    I highly doubt I sit thru season 3.