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Free or Inexpensive Proxy

I'd like to access some Web content via a proxy (for testing some things). Does anyone know of a free or inexpensive proxy that I might use? The proxy should have a password and should let me view content via HTTP (web pages, etc.). Ideally, the proxy will report the visitor IP to the site as something other than my own.

13 Responses to "Free or Inexpensive Proxy"

  1. Squid ( will probably run fine on a mac. It's free and is a pretty common proxy server.

  2. Michael, thank you for the tip, but please pay attention. I don't want to run something on my computer - I want to access an existing proxy server somewhere on the 'net, "ideally" so that it "will report the visitor IP to the site as something other than my own."

    In other words, I don't want to run something on my computer.

  3. dmoz has a large number of proxies listed (both free and pay services).

  4. Squid is a proxy /server/, and thus can be installed on another machine other than your client.

    If you want something simple however, check out

  5. As far as free, unrestricted proxies, good luck finding a published one - as they are normally a great tool for spammers, either the IP's are blacklisted all over the place or they are flooded off so quickly they're taken down.

    Same thing when someone configures an open relay mail server, for the same reasons.

  6. Erik, I said an HTTP proxy, not an SMTP proxy. And I just said - again - that I don't want a server.

  7. web proxy. what do i win?

  8. Use the SwitchProxy extention in Firefox. Once you have this setup you'll have a LARGE list of proxies you can use all built into your browser.

  9. Erik: a poorly configured HTTP proxy can be used to spam (by way of using the CONNECT command), so the other Erik was quite right in pointing that out.

    As for a proxy server you can use... I run one on my box in the US (for when the local transparent proxy is acting up), I usually ssh port forward to it though.

  10. JW, thanks for the hint there. I've installed that in FireFox, but it renders FF useless. I can't click in the location bar, etc. I have only the Google and the Weather things installed, so…

  11. Here's a list of proxy servers (I've used this site to find proxy servers to use in iChat when it's blocked by a firewall).

  12. Hey Erik,

    Here's what you need