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QotD: Man of the Year

Question: Time magazine just announced that George W. Bush is their "Man of the Year" for 2004. Who would you choose as second place, and why?

My Answer: I am choosing Ben Roethlisberger. 🙂 He's done quite nicely, and has had a far more immediate impact on my life than anyone else I can think of (and also care to "award"). How's that for just plain silly? I expect more intelligent answers than the one I've given from the rest of y'all. 😀

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

6 Responses to "QotD: Man of the Year"

  1. I like your choice for number two better than their choice for number one, that's for sure.

    How about Steve Jobs, in this year of the iPod/iTMS?

    Dave Winer or somebody symbolic to the blogging movement (year of the blog)?

  2. Winer would never get my vote for anything other than "dickhead of the year." And hey, I usually win that one. 🙂

  3. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Ajatollah Chomeini ... George W. Bush.

    i dont think i have to say more

  4. Phantoms of the Year: Windows Security, a version of Linux that is ready for the desktop, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Osama Bin Laden

    They all _have_ to be somewhere. Let's invade some countries, I know we will find them 😉

  5. Sven, yes, you do need to say more because ya left out, oh, 70 or so Men of the Year did you not? Men like Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy. You left out Gandhi and Lindbergh. Winston Churchill and Bill Clinton.

    And you didn't answer the question.

  6. Ok, to _really_ answer the question (as phantoms don't seem to count): I'll choose Steve Ballmer. Why? Quite simple: Steve Jobs would have deserved the number one (for kicking everyone's butt with the iPod) but it would have looked quite unfair if he was number two _behind_ this moron.

    With the dancing monkeyboy, there are finally two asshats nominated as "Man of the Year" - and they even look equally stupid.