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QotD: IQ Test

Question: What's your IQ score as determined by this silly test?

My Answer: I scored 152. I promise, no screaming silly thing will pop up or anything like that. If you do take the little test (I don't place much value on IQ scores, but, whatever), try to do so fairly: no pen or paper, etc. Don't fire up your computer's calculator or anything like that…

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25 Responses to "QotD: IQ Test"

  1. "Congratulations! Your general IQ score is 153."

  2. 156, aided by much finger counting.

  3. I've gotten everything between 110 and 160 as result on various "IQ" tests.

    Personally, I think IQ tests are silly and don't really say much about a person.

  4. No, they don't. But I have a hunch that very few people who score under 152 will post out of some irrational fear that I give a rat's petootie what someone scores on a silly Internet IQ test.

  5. 149

    However, that didn't kill enough time before my meeting, back to the perl code. However, getting paged by the sybase server going down does wonders to the concentration :-p

  6. Congratulations!

    Your general IQ score is 172.

    Mostly due to speed. There's a hidden field containing the time of page load. Reloading the frame with the test causes it to be reset. However, Firefox will keep your form values the same if it can. I hit submit, our client's firewall was down. I hit back, refreshed the form page, and resubmitted - Basically, I think it figured I had taken 5 seconds to complete the test. So I really have no idea what the score would have been. I retried it and waited a while (half hour, maybe?), and got 122. I had completed it the first time pretty quickly, so I'm guessing it was closer to 172, but...

  7. 167. But that test's such a crock.

  8. 157

  9. 154

  10. 156

  11. I'm a genius!

    At least according to this highly suspect IQ test, on which I scored a 161. If you have spent any time with me you know I am more like an idiot savant, light on the savant.

  12. i got 105 on that test, but i wasn't trying, and was sick and [insert your excuse here]. i've been all over the map with online iq tests. the only one that i've take that i really care about was given to me as an entrance exam at my current school. they didn't even say it was an IQ test, but it was much more of a brain twister than any online test i've taken.

    i was going to test kevins bug, but had already closed that tab. i went to the history and it gave me a 19?! looks like you can't score any lower than that on that test!

  13. I only got 97 🙁

    So what are the answers?

  14. I got a 158.

  15. Hmm, I only got 124, but it's late at night and I'm not very good at math. Oh well...I'm still in the "above average intelligence" category, whatever that means.

    Thanks for the link, the test was actually rather fun!

  16. 143. Woo. I'm usually hitting 138 so it's likely close, for whatever it's measuring.

  17. 144

    i wish the questions were random... i'd go have a cigarette and take it again. i bet i'd get a few points higher post-smoke. 🙂

  18. 166 after a smoke!

    ...but the questions were the same, so the nicotine might not be the only difference here. 🙂

  19. 155.... every other one i've taken has been about 135, so i guess i'm getting smarter. or something

  20. I was interrupted while I was taking it, on the last one I took I got a 148

  21. 27... no not really I just don't have time to take an IQ test.

    The only think IQ test really test is your problem solving and logic skills.

  22. IQ are based an a persons intelligence, if the IQ ofcource is properlly done.. Scored 145 and yea speed is a factor as i scored 105 waiting for about 30mins to complete it

  23. 163, no cheatin'. I think they're just trying to get me to pay for their detailed evaluation through flattery.

  24. Minus 15 for not reading the "real name" caveat above the comment box and thus having to post twice.

  25. 156 bitch!!