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QotD: Work Qualities

Question: If you were hiring someone, what are the three most important qualities you seek? Assume that candidates are otherwise knowledgeable, as obviously "knowledge of the job area" is important.

My Answer: Integrity - this affects every aspect of business, from dealing with customers to peers and to doing what they say they will do. Communication - critical as well to all phases. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with a broad range of people: customers, peers, managers, subordinates. Self-starting - I don't like people that are constantly "over-communicating" because they can't take a ball and run with it. Ask the important questions, but otherwise just do your job. Perhaps even going above and beyond what's necessary.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Work Qualities"

  1. Yep, my opinion's pretty much in line with yours. I would probably also include being humble. Nothing seems to stop progress as much as a bunch of egos getting in the way. I was also thinking trustworty, but maybe that could be rolled in with integrity. 🙂

  2. If I were hiring someone I'd like to know that the person can learn new skills, preferably he/she is someone with the desire to continuously learn new skills. I don't care if you a uber Cocoa or PHP programmer, but I do want to know that if you are confronted with a new problem you can handle getting yourself prepared to work on it.

  3. The current research demonstrates overwhelmingly that, next to actually putting the person on the job for a trial run, intelligence, as measured by comprehensive intelligence tests, is by far the best indicator of future job performance. So, I'd have to say IQ.

  4. Attitude -- I think that attitude can strongly impact the person and his/her workplace. I'd like to see a strong positive attitude, strong work ethic, a will to succeed, and persistance. This probably engulfs the self-starter attribute that you desire, but permeates the person much further.

    Character -- This, again, includes something you mentioned, but I feel it is a bit different and maybe broader. Intergrity is important, but you can have that and still be lacking in character. This is such an overused term though that it should be defined again, right? Well, I mean that the person has a deep running moral fiber that closely resembles my own. Intergrity covers the essential bases of business relationships, but character goes an extra step beyond covering the bases and builds upon the relationships by being so admirable in handling his/her business.

    Sales Ability -- This assumes clear communication, but once again reaches beyond just clearly communicating a message about a product or an idea. It believes wholly in the idea/product/message and is able to win over and influence people in your organization as well as those who interact with your organization. I'm thinking of the same peers, managers, subordinates, and customers, but also suppliers, potential markets, competition, and the organization's community.

  5. l think if l was looking for a person to work with, that would have intergrity but also knowledge counts alot. Attitude is also a big requirement and skill for a job.Apart from this someone shop be willing to learning new skills and also welcoming challanges and working to overcome them.

    While on jobs, many new things keep setting in and one should be enthusiastic and willing to to take on new tasks and may be required my the job one is doing.