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Ravens 7, Steelers 20

steelershelmet.jpgThe Steelers clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs today with a win over the pesky, annoying, and far-too-loudmouthed Baltimore Ravens. Bettis once again chipped in with 117 yards, Roethlisberger again had a solid start with two TDs, and the Steeler defense once again shut down the running game while playing soft to the pass.

The big news of the day will be the injury to Roethlisberger: Suggs had a personal foul on a TD pass to Tuman, driving Ben into the ground and injuring his ribs or sternum. With a "doesn't matter too much" game in Buffalo next week, the Steelers will probably rest Ben and let the old statue, Tommy Maddox, take the snaps. The Bills, meanwhile, will be fighting for their lives.

The story of the day? The complete and utter overestimation of Ray Lewis. The guy's over the hill and hasn't played very well for one or two years. The Steelers - and Bettis in particular - demonstrated that fact nicely today. Though Lewis was named to the Pro Bowl, it's a sentimental vote at best.

I'd type more about this, but, well… nobody comments on these, so who cares? 🙂 The Steelers play their next really meaningful game in three weeks, but I expect a good game in Buffalo next Sunday.

4 Responses to "Ravens 7, Steelers 20"

  1. I really can't stand Lewis, but I always smile when I see him in the ESPN Sky Cam intro (or whatever they call the overhead cam this week). The montage starts with an overhead shot of Lewis' absurd dance when as he's introduced before a game.

    The thing that cracks me up is that the whole montage is set to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight." I seriously doubt Lewis has ever intentionally listened to a Phil Collins song, let alone danced to one 🙂

    One of my friends commented that listening to a little Phil Collins might be a good component of an anger management program...

  2. hey, i read em 😉 and i care. then again, i typicaly coment on the steelers game on my own blog, and with my family. it's one of two games i try to watch every week. the other game being the raiders game.

    i must agree with the mr lewis being grossly over rated. and i'm blag to see someone commenting on bettis withough utter gross underestimation of what he really can do.

    i started this comment just to say i liked your summations of the steelers game, so i guess i'll just end with that.

  3. Actually, ironically enough Ray listens to "In the Air Tonight" before every game:

  4. And that's ironic… how?