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QotD: White Strips

Question: Have you ever used whitening strips or the brush-on pasty whitening cream?

My Answer: Before a few days ago, no, I'd not. Some of my teeth are permanently (and slightly) stained due to an illness I had while they were growing in. Not much I can do about that, so I'm curious what will be possible. I've never been happy with my teeth - my orthodontist took my braces out far too early. Perhaps in a few years I'll give the Invisalign stuff a try.

I'm typing this with two Crest White Strips in right now, and man am I producing a lot of saliva. My tongue keeps subconsciously pushing playing with them and pushing against them. Only 24 minutes left! Ugh!

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9 Responses to "QotD: White Strips"

  1. I loathe using them, but they work really well. Even so, it really is the longest thirty minutes of the day when they are on your teeth.

  2. I didn't wear my retainers after my braces were taken off and my teeth went back to the way they were. Four years later, I'm using Invisalign (on 5 of 9 stages) and it's great. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. I'm going to name my next band "the white strips"

  4. The Crest White Strips are by far the least invasive of the home tooth whitening stuff available.. although they do have a stronger version that is a grainy paste that is up there with the worst of the other home methods, as far as comfort and convenience. Yay for Crest Strips! By far the best so far... they did their homework on the product, in deterimining why other methods were not complied with by those using them.

    If you have developmental tooth greyness, from taking tetracycline a lot at a certain age, for example, I am not sure surface bleaching methods work, the discoloration grew in, far deeper in the tooth. Perhaps some of the laser and light energized procedures as performed by dentists might help.

  5. I used the Crest White Strips when it was the two week course. I think they cut it down to one week now? Anyway, they worked well and I was happy with the results. They did make my teeth slightly more sensitive, but that was temporary. I really didn't notice it much while wearing them. I had to set a timer because I literally forgot about them and left them in too long a couple times.

    As for braces, I never had them as a kid and decided to get them when I was 30. They pulled four of my teeth to make room, in addition to my wisdom teeth which were pulled before they came in. So that left me with 24 teeth. I wore the braces for two years and though it was a giant pain in the ass, I am very pleased with the result. Having paid for them with my own money, $5000 of it!, I still wear my retainers a few times per week when I'm sleeping. I'm 38 now. Even now, six years after the braces, I can tell when I wear my retainers that my teeth are still trying to shift back every so slowly.

  6. No. You'll have to tell us all how it works out for you in two weeks. Please.

    I had braces put on two years ago and now my jaw makes a popping sound that is audible to those seated next to me when I eat. It is embarracing and I am trying to get the orthodontist to fix the problem even as he refuses to take responsibility. I don't really care that he doesn't want to admit to wrongdoing as long as he sticks to his guarantee and makes things work for me again.

  7. I used the pasty cream for a week or two, and while it did sting my lips, I saw a definite improvement. The only reason I stopped using it was because it was working too well and the composite I have on one of my front teeth was becoming a bit obvious.

  8. I use Crest White Strips. I have some in now. When I have them in though, my teeth ... Or maybe its my gums? ... sting. I dont know if you are getting this either. But it doesn't feel too great. And yes, the saliva is insane!

  9. i just got my braces off and im not sure if i should use the white strips or not because i have heard other peoples stories about since i just got them off im not sure if i wanna leave my teeth out in the open like that for thirty minutes..

    What should i do?