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Dvorak Schmorak (Whore-ak)

Judi is still jumping up and down over John Dvorak. I haven't cared about what Dvorak's said in awhile. Call it a growing maturity, lack of time, or the wisdom that comes with having fought the battle before.

As others are comfortable with their sexuality, masculinity, femininity - whatever - I am comfortable with my choice of computing platform. I brush aside Dvorak columns as those of a nitwit looking to gain attention. I don't give in to that.

It's not hard to create a stir in the Mac community. Dvorak's mastered the art. I applaud Judi's efforts and thought processes - it's great to think about the world at large sometimes - but am happy to sit this one out, as I have been for the past, oh, year or two.

P.S. I missed this blog's second birthday twenty days ago. Tiger Woods turns 29 today. I remembered his birthday! 🙂

One Response to "Dvorak Schmorak (Whore-ak)"

  1. "Still"? Only the 2nd time in two years that I've mentioned Dvorak. And I only did so because in my "Mac blogs" Bloglines folder there were at least 5 blogs talking about it. Otherwise, I couldn't care less and wouldn't have read the article in the first place (I read PC Mag...I usually skip/skim over his page). His piece just happened to fit in with what I've been talking about lately.

    Anyway, happy 2nd birthday to your blog. My first post on my blog was January 9, 2003 so looks like we started around the same time.

    I suppose you don't care that your layout breaks in IE 6? I didn't think so. 😉