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QotD: iPod Changes

Question: If you could add one feature to the iPod, what would you add?

My Answer: I'd add the iTunes visualizer to it. Why not? I don't need anything else from my iPods (including the photo stuff), so I'd jazz it up a little so it looks nice in my car.

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12 Responses to "QotD: iPod Changes"

  1. I'd add the ability to enter calendar items and contacts. It's really useful having a synced calendar with me all the time, but it's a pain that it's read-only...

  2. To be honest I liked the iPod when all it did was play music. I have a 3G and I havn't played any of the games or used the 'extras' since the week I bought it. If Apple tried to make a true palm-top PC again, this time that worked a treat, I'd get that for my contact/calendar/photo needs. The iPod is for music in my opinion. Everything else just drains the battery.

  3. Crossfading.

  4. Pitch control so it could be used as a deck for DJing.

  5. Oh--also, playback without the annoying gap between tracks.

  6. On the iPod Photo, I would add the ability to play movies. No. I do not want to view them on the iPod Photo. Rather, I want to be able to plug it in to play the videos on the TV.

    I am hopeful to see another palm device and/or tablet device. I love the Newton but it is getting a little worn and there are capabilities that I would like to see that I am not likely to be able to add to it.

  7. Gapless playback.

  8. I think it would be pretty nifty to have a camera inside the pod, just like in all those cellphones.

  9. Hierarchal playlists.

  10. Stream music to an Airport Express. Or at least let me control AirTunes remotely via the iPod and let AirTunes do the heavy lifting of decrypting/decoding and streaming.

    On a related tangent I wish all car radios had simple, straightforward line input jacks -- front or rear. Using an FM modulator with an iPod seems to be such a hack.


    Scott (happy iPod Photo owner)

  11. the ability to shuffle playlists. (also hierarchal playlists would help)

  12. How 'bout a radio? At the YW I go to all the TVs have the sound routed into low-power broadcasters on different FM frequencies. It'd be nice to be able to pick that up...