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QotD: New Year’s Resolutions

Question: What are your new year's resolutions?

My Answer: I don't believe that a new year is the time to try to improve yourself - it's an ongoing thing. However, January 1 I will be kicking off my winter fitness "thing." Got all the equipment and, after today, will actually have the 30 minutes/day it requires. Coincidence that it's January 1, but that's the closest I come to a new year's resolution. 🙂

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2 Responses to "QotD: New Year’s Resolutions"

  1. For me, its quit smoking and get my damn app out already.

  2. The personal? Stop eating so god-damn much and take some more exercise. The geeky? Release some PHP software I've been putting off for a lon time. And maybe learn another language. It's a tossup between Perl, Python and really mastering shell scripting. All would be useful in my Linux/OS X environment.