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Steelers 29, Bills 24

steelershelmet.jpgThe Buffalo Bills failed to beat the JV Steelers today in a game that meant everything to the Bills and little, if anything, to the Steelers. The Steelers rushed for over 150 yards and held the Bills to less than 100 even though many of the Steelers hadn't seen playing time since the pre-season.

Roethlisberger, Bettis, Burress, Haggans, Townsend, and more didn't even play. Tommy Maddox - once a solid NFL QB - showed why he's nicknamed "The Human Glacier" or "The Steeler Statue" today, giving up lame sacks by failing to outrun 350-lb linemen and by coughing up two INTs and missing a wide-open Randle El in the end zone, among other things.

I figured the Bills would win this game, given the "nothing to gain" position in which the Steelers found themselves. Needless to say, after losing today, the Bills showed why they don't belong in the playoffs. The Steelers now have the week off and will face San Diego (or their opponent) in thirteen or fourteen days.

2 Responses to "Steelers 29, Bills 24"

  1. You failed to mention that it was about the sloppiest played football game ever (for both teams). At least the first half, which I watched, was.

  2. Seth, what do you expect when they're playing second- and third-stringers who haven't played much all season? Of course it's gonna be sloppy.

    That's no excuse for the Bills, though.