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Headless iMacs and Bodyless Displays

Screw the headless iMac. I don't want it, if it exists. I still want a display (15" would be fine) with a pen-sensitive screen and a USB port for a keyboard/mouse. I want the computer to run Mac OS X, but only so far as to boot into Remote Desktop.

Then, without syncing files or preferences, I can wander about my house or apartment on my wireless network doing work "on" my G5.

I'd pay $1499 for that. Maybe even $1999 (but that's stretching it). A touch-sensitive 15" screen from Apple with a built-in USB port, wireless networking, and nothing but Remote Desktop. Build in a little CompactFlash slot for settings and some smaller files (though CF cards are pretty big these days) and you can copy files from one computer to another, or from one of these iTablets to another (user).

2 Responses to "Headless iMacs and Bodyless Displays"

  1. If it ends up being true and the small form factor ends up being true, I'll probablly end up getting one. I could use soemthing like that hooked up at my stereo/TV. I'd use it as a media server for my music and put DVArchive running on it to help my ReplayTV. I don't need a display for that. Everything would be done over ARD.

    Although, the tablet would be sweet to have in addition to it. =)

  2. Well, don't get one then. Let all of the people who just bought iPods get a nice, cheap Mac, one that their old Windows monitor would run on, and experience the Joy of Mac. 🙂