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QotD: Omni Group

Question: Which Omni Group products do you own?

My Answer: OmniGraffle Pro and, uhhh, OmniOutliner 2.x. I had a student license to OmniWeb 3 or 4, but OW5 hasn't impressed me in the least. I may pick up a copy of OOPro for the collaborative project on which I'm working.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Omni Group"

  1. I have OmniWeb 5. The features that sold me on it were the style of tabbed browsing and its ability to automatically save workspaces. (I open tons of pages at once, so if I have to quit the program or it crashes for whatever reason, I hate having to reopen everything manually.)

  2. OmniGraffle. Can't start a website without it.

  3. I think OW5 would be initially impressive in comparison to ow4 or 5, so it would be interesting to see what Erik finds unimpressive about it.

    I like the same things Adam likes about it (plus the ability to rearrange those tabs), but I have found it is a double edged sword... sometimes I wish when I quit, that it WOULD throw away the tabs, rather than saving and reloading. It is painful to lose browsing session, but sometimes, it is painful to keep it around, if you have trouble throwing stuff away.

    Occasionally, I wonder if I would be as happy with a SAFT enhanced copy of Safari.

    Regarding Outlining and "Graffling"... They look interesting to me, but I don't have dire repeatable need for them and get by with plain ole BBEdit text processing for similar needs.

  4. I'll mention OmniDictionary because I get fairly frequent use of it. OmniGraffle and OmniOutline are also in my Applications folder. OmniOutliner is becoming my new OPML browser, however.