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Sleep (or lack Thereof)

Remember kiddies: when you're up past 5am, and you get up at 9am, you're not likely to have received too many emails in between.

I was up late last night working on the Lake View website. As I've mentioned, it's currently available here, and I'm playing with the account now on Dreamhost thanks to Judi. Funny thing is that they let you put your CGI files anywhere you'd like - quite unusual.

I spent about three or four hours trying to solve a box model problem on the site. That's difficult when you don't have a Windows computer to look at. The site's still off by five pixels in IE/Mac, but I'm not sure I care about that browser a whole lot. 🙂 Works in IE/Win 6, Safari, FireFox, OmniWeb. iCab screws it up of course, but I'm fairly certain that the next release will do it.

2 Responses to "Sleep (or lack Thereof)"

  1. Re: Lake View website

    May I suggest that you add some CSS so that links that have been already visited are a different colour?

    Just an observation.

  2. Dave, uh, that's the existing site. The site I'm working on looks a little better and relies heavily on CSS.