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QotD: PulpFiction 1.2

Question: What would you like to see in PulpFiction 1.2?

My Answer: The features are already set and nearly all written and tested, so any suggestions we haven't already hit upon will be considered for PulpFiction 1.3. When we get closer to our anticipated release date, I'll let you know what we've done so far for 1.2.

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14 Responses to "QotD: PulpFiction 1.2"

  1. 1) The program runs faster. The delay between going between folders is extremely noticeable

    2) A way to stop PF from raping the CPU or get stuck in "Fetching Feed..."/"Synchronizing with Database" (More the latter then the former) indefinitely.

    3) Bring back the Filterize option for those of us who like to have a folder for each feed in main catergory folders. (eg. Mac News -> MacNN, MacCentral, MacMinute)

  2. I'd second the bringing back of the "Filterize" option. It made adding a feed and putting it where it belongs that much quicker and easier.

    Happy new year!

  3. I would like to be able to drag and drop feeds new feeds onto the Pulpfiction icon, the feeds drawer, or even the Subscriptions toolbar icon.

    My print command wants to print the headlines instead of the main window. Am I doing something wrong here?

    One of the things I liked about Net News Wire was the feed directory to select from. I sometimes found good feeds that I did not know about. You could maybe add that under a new tab in the drawer.

    Internal browser to block popups. If I browse in place I get a ton of popups that sometimes crashes PulpFiction.

    I would like the feed label to not label the feed headlines. I know that you can change the font color or the feed's background, but I would like to be able to have colorized dots in a column that doesn't color the headlines from that feed.

    That is just about it. Keep up the great work on the software.

  4. "Filterize" probably ain't comin' back. It was a bad name that indicated that we had a functionality "hole" in PulpFiction. "Filterize" was superceded by the Feeds view and is further superceded by an upcoming feature or two.

    Drag and Drop is being improved. Print will be improved, though probably in a later release. There are several ways to print an article now, including creating a stylesheet that displays articles in the fashion you like, and then printing that view.

    The feed directory is an interesting one, and one we considered getting into heavily with a "celebrity opml" site (i.e. "What does [famous tech person] reading?"). We've ruled out doing so in favor of simply linking to the various blog listings sites and services. Those services offer search and a lot more than a simple folder of feeds could ever do. They do so, of course, without taking time away from the addition of other features and fixes to PulpFiction.

    Brad, the internal browser does block popups. Just turn off "Allow Pop-Up Windows." You can turn off label colors and then enable a "Label" column in the current version of PF. It doesn't draw a little colored circle, but it's tough to textually filter a colored circle (something you can do now).

  5. 1) AppleScript support for filters: creation, deletion, application

    2) Ship some sample scripts for the specifics of Pulp Fiction scripting, i.e. the do sql query, etc. It really helps a lot.

    3) Direct AppleScript support for mailing articles.

    Obviously, i'm much about AppleScript. I have to say that the dictionary, as of 1.1.1 looks really good. It's clean, the app-specific terminology is logical, and really quite intuitive.

    It's one of the better Cocoa dictionaries i've seen, usually, they're kind of nasty. Good job!


  6. [Comment removed per the policy that's linked to right above every page's comment checkbox.]

  7. I'd like to see feed synchronization using .Mac or something so my laptop(s) and desktop can stay in sync. Also "read" status...

  8. .Mac "synchronization" is available now. Store the database on your iDisk, and it will automatically stay in sync as you switch between machines. Simply include a hard link (ln -s) to the file in the place PF expects it (~/Library/Application Support/PulpFiction/database.pulp).

    I'm not sure what you mean, Scott, by '"read" status'. PulpFiction supports "read" status - bolding and/or a little green dot that goes away when you've read something. You can sort by that column as well.

  9. Cool! By read status I mean read status synchronization along with the subscription list...sounds like it is covered! Thanks.

  10. Will PF 1.2 (or later) be able to connect with or similar? I cannot use a 'installed' RSS reader and must rely on to keep up at work.

    Also, a way to cleanup the database. I get into a situation every once in a while where the feeds window thinks that there is 342 unread articles in a group with 105 in it!! Or 0 articles, 123 unread....

  11. One thing i would really like is a Shift+click to open a link in a new window from the view. Alot of the blogs i read have alot of imbedded links and the right click->'Open Link in New Window' just doesnt seem as natural as the Shift Click that is in the web browsers.

  12. I'd like some way of semi-automatically killing duplicate articles that appear when someone messes up their feed. I believe it happens because a property changes that shouldn't (unique ID, date published?) and that PulpFiction is therefore right in treating the articles as new ones, but there are situations where I can tell that they are duplicates and a little help from PulpFiction to removing them would be welcome.

  13. One question about .Mac "synchronisation": is it useable if you chose to "Create a local copy of your iDisk" meaning, I guess, that the whole database is copied every time the iDisk is synchronised?

  14. Olivier, .Mac syncing works fine. You want to do the "local copy" thing, yes. The whole DB is synchronized, yep. Sync at the end of your work day and then when you get home, it's freshly updated.