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Random Bits From My World

The other Mac Erik (that I know of) points to Apple's "itpro" page.

The "wolf" in the red shed links back to me (must have missed the TrackBack?) and points out something called "Longhand." I'll have to look into that.

These are some of the worst Apple product fakes I've ever seen, despite what some people want to believe.

I'm with Dan, and this is absolutely disgusting.

Tiger Woods can't putt to save his life this week.

I'm trying to find the best VNC server for Windows XP Home. Any ideas? Ostensibly, the person doing the viewing will be using a Mac. If the server (and client) can work through a Linksys router (on the PC side), that'd be even better.

5 Responses to "Random Bits From My World"

  1. I've had good success with TightVNC. In my experience, it performs better over lower-bandwidth links (like the Internet) than RealVNC. You just need to make sure the client supports the "tight" encoding (newer versions of Chicken of the VNC do).

    Shouldn't be any problem making it work through a router. You'll just need to forward port 5900 through to the PC in question.

  2. Yeah, I don't do trackbacks. I'm lame that way.

  3. Any particular reason you want to use VNC? If XP Home supports Terminal Services, you can install/enable TS for "Remote Administration" (free for up to two simultaneous connections) and use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Client. It works very well. Just don't forget to Log Off when ending your session instead of just disconnecting or it leaves a connection hanging around.

    I downloaded Longhand, but for a more traditional calculator with lots of nice features (in advanced mode), I use Koala Calc.

  4. Longhand for Mac OS X

    Through a convoluted connection, I discovered Longhand, a calculator application for Mac OS X. And by “calculator,” I mean “an application that calculates things,” not “an application that works like a real calculator.” It really is a cool ...

  5. Windows XP Home does not support Terminal Services, no.