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QotD: Playoffs

Question: What are your predictions for the NFL playoffs? Be as vague or as precise as you wish, though "the team with the higher score will win each game" is not as funny as you might think.

My Answer: I'll remain mute on this one for fear of jinxing anything. I'm interested in what y'all think, though.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Playoffs"

  1. Colts, baby.

  2. AFC Championship: Steelers over Colts.

    NFC Championship: Doesn't matter, but I'd say Eagles over Atlanta.

    Steelers will win it all.

  3. I'd kinda like to see the Steelers play the Eagles, but I'm not a Steelers fan at all. This is another one of those years where I won't be all that interested in the NFL.

    I think ...

    Steelers over the Jets

    Eagles over the Vikings

    Colts over the Patriots

    Falcons over the Rams

    These got harder as I went down the list.

    Then I think that the Steelers will meet and beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl, but I have little confidence in this prediction.