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Those Tiger Torrent Kids

I just finished reading the interview with one of the folks being sued for distributing Tiger.

Desicanuk … I'm very sorry to hear what has happened to you, and hope that you can come out of this situation a little smarter and wiser.

Let's get real here: they are the ones that "did" the thing, it's not something "happening to" them. Other commenters have said "these guys cost Apple nothing" and so on. That's ridiculous! Furthermore, the guy interviewed said he was a "regular" reader of Mac rumors, etc. Surely he's heard of an NDA and surely he's seen Apple Legal in action before. His attempt to sound naïve is suspect at best.

Apple has a legal obligation to protect its trade secrets (and so on) or else they can no longer claim them as trade secrets. I'd not be surprised if these folks are made an example of, asked to pay a somewhat reasonable penalty fee (I'm not talking millions of dollars), and sent on their way. They broke the law. I'll be disappointed if Apple really comes down on 'em, but so far I've seen no evidence that the penalty has been excessive. They've been handed some papers so far - that's it.

2 Responses to "Those Tiger Torrent Kids"

  1. I'm surprised that more companies don't sue over that many leaks. Especially Microsoft - during the lead up to Windows XP (and now Longhorn), almost every build was being leaked out there, they were even rumoured to have tagged them, but I never saw a court case come out of it.

  2. Drunkenblog follows up with a bunch of quotes from folks with a Mac software gig regarding those kids who pirated Tiger. Slashdot links and comments, as it always does. It's shocking to read some of the viewpoints. Most seem to...