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Real-Time Keynote Blogging, Anyone?

Will anyone be doing any real-time MWSF keynote blogging? In the past, I've logged on to IRC channels, refreshed Web pages, etc. Who will have coverage for those of us not attending? WHO!?!?!?! 😀

7 Responses to "Real-Time Keynote Blogging, Anyone?"

  1. I tried to do it last year for MacZealots, but Apple disables the wireless connectivity (both at Macworld and WWDC) in the Keynote hall, so unless someone is doing it over GPRS or a Sidekick, it's gonna be hard to find.

  2. MacOSXRumors is saying they'll be doing live updates.

  3. has stated it will be covering the keynote.

  4. My site, AppleTalk Australia will have a live text feed of all the MacWorld developments 🙂

  5. I usually leave up MacMinute, who has in the past done a good job blogging the Keynote. However, in the last couple days I read that Apple was banning blogging & phone updates at the Keynote this year. I will look for a URL to that end and will post it when I find it.

  6. I found what I was looking for - - they now note that it is unconfirmed that Apple won't be allowing any live newsfeeds. But I know I saw it somewhere else, because I specifically saw that blogging would be banned, as would phone updates. Still, I hope those reports are wrong, because having a total blackout (as opposed to just not being able to WATCH it live...) would be really hard to take - and hard to understand. I mean, I don't understand the purpose of a total blackout - that would mean either it's HUGE or it will suck. I hope for HUGE. And I hope we can get a live blog feed somewhere. As I said MacMinute has done a good job in the past, and I hope they do it again this year.

  7. It was fine with me... I was at work, away from the web. And low bandwidth allowed me to take in the keynote without visuals for the first time, grabbing better images and commentary as I listened. I used to plan time to watch live, but you know, the web can be like Tivo.. you can watch it much faster later in less time and more leisure, if you realize a few hours isn't going to make a world of difference in how you react to it.