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Not All is Well in Mac-Land

For those who've missed it, Tiger Mail now features the ugliest toolbar buttons ever seen.


Plus, that new "semi-metal" window type? I'm going to call it the "tin foil" window. So now we have Aqua windows, brushed metal windows, and tin foil windows.

Double UGH UGH!

17 Responses to "Not All is Well in Mac-Land"

  1. Wow, and to think I was actually leaning toward switching to Mail (from Entourage) with 10.4. UUUUGLY.

  2. I was too. Until I saw those buttons.

  3. What is all that space in the toolbar for? Virtual stickies? And why centered? mhmfnes...

  4. Agreed, the toolbar buttons are ugly as sin. However, the new view style, Brushed Aqua as I call it, is actually very nice and bridges the gap between Metal and Aqua windows. At the least we can be thankful for the less jarring transitions between the two since now Apple's wares are on the new Brushed Aqua setting. At least in Preferences and so far. I believe they even allow developers to use it and that is actually pretty cool. Now I just have to find where they keep the rest of the cool stuff that we covet.

  5. Not only are they ugly, but they look completely different from all other Apples apps.

  6. yuck .. what did they do to that toolbar? The icons were normal in the last dveloper release.. hopefully they'll switch it back.

    I do like the "unified toolbar & titlebar" look, and I've used IB to turn it on in a lot of apps. It does make aqua and metal windows coexist better.

  7. Yeah, so ugly. It looks like someone let the GarageBand UI designer out of his cage and into the repository containing Mail. Look at the screenshotes of garageband to see what I mean.

  8. It's terrible, and I doubt they'll change it. I remember hoping the horizontal menu for labels in the Panther Finder preview would be changed, and it stayed.

    I really liked the look of the previous Tiger Mail, especially with the "bookmark bar" shortcuts. This one is hideous.

  9. I totally agree with you Erik, it is horrid. Hopefully they change them back to how they were in 323A, it was definitely much nicer.

  10. Wow. Way to totally not fit into Aqua.

  11. meh. i'll see how disgusting it is once i use it.

    i'm sure it'll be painful enough then.

    wonder how gruber will feel about apple further abandoning their own HIG.

  12. You know, I don't mind my least favorite mail program looking different from any other apps. I like brushed metal for simlar reasons - I can differentiate the apps window even behind other windows (even if expose makes that moot these days). I think "all windows should look the same" a bit of a fools argument, so feh to those that would prefer garageband and safari and iTunes have platinum aqua windows just like every other plain jane app around.

    Maybe smart folders would fit in that extra toolbar space

  13. Who uses toolbar buttons? Takes me away from the keyboard.


  15. Agreed, and I'm glad you called them on it. Too much of what I'm seeing in Tiger feels wasteful and bloated, ugly, and just generally makes me want to not use it. I honestly don't understand how some of this stuff is shipping, it's like Care Bears on acid drops and then stomped on. Between this crap, and what I've seen of dashboard... I'm starting to hope they don't ship, just to retool all of this. It's like we're watching a GUI fall apart overnight.

  16. I quite like it - however these are some screenshots I came across a few months ago...

  17. I set my parents up last night with Mail on their new Mac. Previously, they'd been using a shared Entourage database between users. It worked well, except that sometimes my dad would delete or mark mail as read when there...