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QotD: Expensive Keynotes

Question: How much did the MWSF Keynote cost you?

My Answer: About $158. I don't care to pay for Keynote to get Pages, and I don't care to pay for GB to get a newer iPhoto, but so be it. 😛 I don't need the iPod Shuffle, I don't need a Mac mini, and I don't need FCE HD. So… there you have it.

P.S. I did not factor in the fact that AAPL is down $2.81. If that's true, well, the keynote cost me about $1000. 🙂

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19 Responses to "QotD: Expensive Keynotes"

  1. Mac mini with iLife: $500

    iWork: $79

    iPod shuffle: $99

    A $500 unix workstation that's smaller than a GameCube and boasts the world's best application development environment: priceless

  2. So, I took delivery of my eMac after a LONG 7 days delivery, some 28 days ago, and I'm supposed to be paying $$$ for iWork and iLife now? Hmmm, when are folks going to realize the real cost to the Apple consumer? Much like any other business model, it is post sales revenue that is painful. No Mini or iPlod in my future.

  3. Probably $678-$728. Mac mini with SuperDrive, Airport, and possibly Bluetooth.

  4. $79. I need Pages.

  5. QotD: Expensive Keynotes

    Question of the Day: How much did the MWSF Keynote cost you? My answer: If I could login to the Apple Store (seems very strained by excessive orders right now) ~$158 for iWork and iLife. I may pick up a Mac mini for $499 at some point in the future as ...

  6. I'm with Scott. I'll be getting a Mac mini, iWork, and, most likely, an iPod shuffle (uh, for the wife.) After talking about this with a friend, he said, "Matt, Steve walks onto the stage with the confidence that you exist." 🙂

  7. Alas, there was no new iPod Mini. So I ordered a green one now. I'll sell my current 20 gig Nomad Zen as soon as I get the iPod.

    And the Mac Mini looks like the way for me to finally start switching to Mac. Powerbooks just aren't available on a student income.

  8. Question of the Day: Expensive Keynotes

    From NSLog();: How much did the MWSF Keynote cost you? Absolutely nothing, other than a slight bit of missing productivity today as I attempted to follow the "Live Updates" at MacInTouch. But, that's mostly because my credit-card would explode if...

  9. $103.95

    also for the wife.

  10. Zero Dollars.

  11. Actually it's gonna cost me $1800 since they did not announce any powerbook updates and I can't wait any longer to get a new one. So, tomorrow I'm blowing some dough.

    If anyone is interested in a gmail account, let me know. I have a few to spare.

  12. Oh, and to actually answer the QotD:

    Green iPod Mini + Dock: 2751 SEK with student discount. $399 at today's exchange rate.

  13. Probably just $79. I'm a frequent user of iPhoto and iDVD where it'd be worth it. If I didn't have a baby daughter to spoil, I'd strongly consider the Mac mini, FCE HD, and an iMac.

  14. I think of iWork as a Keynote enhancement more than anything else. I'm not sure how the tables and graphs work their way into such in a useful way WITHOUT a spreadsheet or database around (wherever that might be) It just allows presentation-boy (girl) to make hard copy. Which will nudge some notebook sales.

    I think iPod Shuffle is a smart way to go after the flash mp3 market, but who the hell cares? I don't want MP3s on my phone either, Motorola. But would I carry a 99 - 149 dollar keychain drive more places than I would take my iPod?

    Just because I am still using a g4 400, mini Mac entices me a bit, although I need a g5 or an iBook or Powerbook more (I'm not buying any macs until Panther is shipping). But to make it a mac I WOULD want, costs 13 to 15 hundred (fully loaded and wireless). I thought the ideas of it being media server a bit ridiculous (maybe if one got a Tivo like TV Guide feed free with a dot mac account...)

  15. How much did the MWSF Keynote cost you?

    How much did the MWSF Keynote cost you?

    Answer: £98. I ordered iWork 05 and iLife 05 last night as soon as I'd finished watching the keynote. Which took until 2am because the rest of the world was also trying to watch it.

    The 1GB iPod shuffl...

  16. QotD: Expensive Keynotes

    Question: How much did the MWSF Keynote cost you?

    So far

    1 iPod shuffle 512MB $99.00

    Subtotal: $99.00

    Estimated Tax: $6.44

    Shipping Charge: $0.00

    Estimated Total: $105.44

    I ordered for Anna because well she wanted one. Seriously...

  17. iWork: i'll be purchasing that on day one! (and Microsoft can have their shit they call Word back!)

    iLife.... i'm still debating on that one. the only product in the suite i use is iPhoto, and only just barerly. we'll see

    so it either cost me $79, or $158... retail... but i'm a student... and i work at a computer store... i'll probably pay less 😛

  18. I don't know why everyone is comparing Word and Pages. Those are two different kind of apps!

    Pages is a layout application (like inDesign and XPress), while Word is a text processor (like...uhm...Word :).

  19. Plenty of people, that will not drop a few hundred for an indesign or quark, push Word beyond its real strenghs, and layout newsletters and reports with it. The exact same sort of people that use powerpoint (or lets say keynote) on a regular basis. Just because there may be more appropriate and or powerful tools, doesn't mean people are going to use those tools.

    What pages may bring in is the relative ease of use of Indesign or Quark, which I would argue are more intuitive for the same fancy pants stuff people struggle to do with Word (merely because it is the tool they use daily).