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10 Days to PulpFiction 1.2: Day 8

On January 20*, we'll be releasing PulpFiction 1.2. On each of the next ten days, I'll be discussing a new feature we've added to my favorite aggregator. Here's one that should have been done earlier, but now it works nicely:

Added exporting of selected subscriptions from the subscription manager.

In other words, you can now selectively export (to OPML) selected subscriptions. If you've got a bunch of feeds labelled "Technology" that you'd like to share with a new co-worker or a friend, type "tech" into the search field, select all of the subscriptions, and export an OPML file. You won't have to worry about handing over your subscription to A New York Escorts Confessions (unless you consider it a "Technology" blog).

Drag and drop continues to work (and puts both strings and URLs on the clipboard). Copy continues to work as well, copying either the selected subscriptions or, if none are selected, your entire subscription list. Great for creating a blogroll, pasting a few good blogs into a chat window, and so on.

There are still seven more days to go. Stay tuned.

* According to plans, anyway. 🙂

One Response to "10 Days to PulpFiction 1.2: Day 8"

  1. I'm just wondering how bare or complex an OPML export from PF might look, or what I might have handy to massage it in to a form I want.

    Right now, I use two methods to export the info from sorted and selected feeds from PulpFiction, and they are both less direct than I would like.

    Method one. Highlight all the headlines and copy and paste them to BBEDIT.

    This will give me a list in the following format:

    Title: QotD: Expensive Keynotes


    This is handy, but at this point, what I would really like is a wee bit of perl to toss in BBEdit somehow to make the above an a href link with the Title as the clickable part. Something that will flip the Link inside, and place the Title inside the quotes.

    Method two provides the long form, using "Mail Articles" from PFs article menu. Which basically just adds the descriptive text content of the feed as well, to the above.

    By the way, I don't mail it (except on occasion). I just paste it into BBEdit from there. I don't need it going to the Mail app at all.