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Mini is the New Black

Does this mean the mini skirt will be making a come back as well? (If you're offended by, uhhh, butt, then don't read the full entry.)

Carmella Butt

For more news on the wearer of this particular set of buttcheeks, well, read on. Carmella is one of the sexiest Playmates they've had in a long time - not your blonde, boob-jobbed nitwit. Oh wait, I wrote about her once before.

Carmella looks just like someone I knew in Florida named Catherine. Well, I never came close to seeing Catherine naked, so we're talking about facial features and body shape here.

P.S. Searching for "mini skirt" on Google Image Search yields rather poor results.

P.P.S. The whole wrestling thing is not a turn-on.

2 Responses to "Mini is the New Black"

  1. Good God. Well, that's made my evening.

  2. Thank you.