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10 Days to PulpFiction 1.2: Day 6

On January 20*, we'll be releasing PulpFiction 1.2. On each of the next ten days, I'll be discussing a new feature we've added to my favorite aggregator.

Today's feature? We've added support for servers that require authentication. PulpFiction can grab a username and a password from your Keychain. If none exists, it'll ask you to enter a username and password. This has been one of the biggest feature requests we've had, and one I've pushed for myself. After all, now I can subscribe to that secret blog Carey and I maintain for each other. :-}

* According to plans, anyway. 🙂

P.S. Anyone interested in testing out the current build is encouraged to IM me. It's still a beta, so back up your database.

2 Responses to "10 Days to PulpFiction 1.2: Day 6"

  1. Erik, could you recap all the reasons in one list by the time you get to day nine? Maybe you could note the top five requested as well.

    I'm not sure which of the features are bowling me over beyond the ones that sound like requests I have made myself. But if I saw them all at once, I might say "Oh YEAH!!" more than once, and remember more than one neat new feature, before I go off to a slashdot article or something and forget all about it.

  2. I may start recapping tomorrow. I dunno... I may also just recap all ten on the final day. I'm ziggy like that.