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Database-Knowledgeable Golfers

Are there any database-knowledgeable golfers out there? Or perhaps a golf-knowledgeable database administrator?

I'm working on a little project and am trying to set up a database. Database design is important, and if the database is simple I (anyone) can do it. This one's a little more complex. Starting with the right design will save hours and hours later, so, if anyone wants to lend a hand, let me know.

P.S. The database will be SQLite, which is really a rather lightweight database that doesn't quite have full feature set of MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc., but it will serve our purposes.

One Response to "Database-Knowledgeable Golfers"

  1. What is its that you are trying to do. I have good db design skills and some golf knowledge(play once in a while 🙂