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QotD: Spiritual

Question: Is your Mac a spiritual machine?

My Answer: No. Just something that works the way I imagine a computer should work.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Spiritual"

  1. I agree with the article. It feels much more like an extension of me, rather than a tool I have to make work. the mac I won now is my first. I used to spend alot of time making my PC do what I want how I wanted. not so with the mac. most software is easy to use, and functions in a way that is very intuitive. It's simple, it's beautiful, and the people writing software for it seem to be much more focused on making me more productive (I *KNOW* I'm *FAR* more productive on the Mac than the PC). An excellent example is Quicksilver.

    My fascination with Apple has been around awhile though. I'd used Apple IIe's in school as well as Mac Classics, my friend has an Apple IIgs, and I loved it. it was nice. it could do the things I wished my PC would.

    then I went to a college where I used NeXTStations and Cubes on a daily basis. I was amazed at the simplicity, and how far ahead of everything else they were.

    An now I'm using a Mac with it's roots in the IIgs (at least to some degree), and an OS that fundamentally IS Mach. I couldn't be more thrilled.

    Every morning that I come into work, I'm actually going to The Temple of Jobs.

    It's not a spiritual machine, but I'll still worship it.

    I have two electronic items that are like that. My Mac, and my TiVO. I had the TiVO first, but if they both died at the same time, Id replace the Mac the same day. The TiVO can wait till tomorrow 🙂

  2. Same thing I tell everyone: "It just works."

    I just feel I made a great purchasing decision. It makes me feel better, but in no way spiritual. I just feel that all software and products should work without you having to read a manual or take a course.

  3. No, it's a box of metal, plastic and cleverness put together with the purpose of letting me put things in one end and have it come out the other end in another form. It sits on a desk next to a dual booting PC (Mandrake and XP). Despite the fact that it's quite an old Mac and despite the fact that I love Linux, I still really like my Mac.

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