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Jets 17, Steelers 20

steelershelmet.jpgThe Steelers offense played like butt, special teams and an INT resulted in the only two touchdowns the Jets scored all day, and Ben Roethlisberger played like a rookie. Yet due to about fourteen strokes of luck, the Steelers will move on to the AFC Championship game once again.

Let's keep things in perspective, though. Two INTs (Ben) and a fumble (Bettis). A punt return and an 86-yard INT return. The defense kept Curtis Martin to 77 yards and allowed 3 points. Bettis and Staley rushed for 180 yards. Time of possession, despite an early disadvantage, ended up +8:20 for the Steelers. Total yards: 364 to 275. For all intents and purposes, the Jets offense was a non-factor. But they turned the ball over only once, and that kept them in it.

Heinz Field is a tough place to kick. I play golf, and the surest way to play poor shot is to "steer" it. Dough Brien "steered" his third kick, and wide, wide left it went. Ben played poorly at times, but never looked out of it. Never gave up. And made the plays when he had to. Eight strokes of luck helped - I won't deny that.

Ben is a playoff rookie no more, folks.

5 Responses to "Jets 17, Steelers 20"

  1. yeah.... yeah..... now you do the talking.... Where were you when Ben got picked off in the last 00:01:57.

  2. I was swearing at the television, chickenshit "no name."

  3. The PA Turnpike Bowl still has a chance. I couldn't believe they pulled it out - even got a ton of lucky chances in OT. We'll see how McNabb does tomorrow. Destiny, I tell you!

  4. There were no lucky chances in OT. OT was pretty straightforward. All the lucky crap came in the 4th.

  5. I meant lucky plays (or, you could say, good plays) from people like Ward and Bettis, and after they held when the Jets got the ball first. Wrong word, I guess - probably because I spent most of OT thinking, "How did they end up here..."