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10 Days to PulpFiction 1.2: Day 2

pulp_fiction.jpgOn January 20*, we'll be releasing PulpFiction 1.2. On each of the next ten days, I'll be discussing a new feature we've added to my favorite aggregator.

Today's feature: support for enclosures. Enclosures are included in the preview pane and can be downloaded as a result of filter actions. The files are just downloaded, but we feel that provides the "KISS" approach while leaving the power in your hands. A folder action or a cron job can then synchronize with your iPod, launch your BitTorrent client, or import to iPhoto.

* According to plans, anyway. 🙂

Quick Recap:
Day 3: wide view.
Day 4: Support for local feeds.
Day 5: Support for "that other aggregator"'s stylesheets.
Day 6: Support for authenticated feeds.
Day 7: "Add to Filter" added to QuickSubscribe sheet.
Day 8: Export selected subscriptions.
Day 9: Preference to disable alternating blue/white background.
Day 10: "Google This," "Fwd: article title," page up/down, "category" is now "^y."

One Response to "10 Days to PulpFiction 1.2: Day 2"

  1. As long as AppleScript is around, I think this is all the support needed for enclosures. It might be nice to provide sample AppleScripts for "advanced" functioality such copying to iTunes, iPhoto, triggering an iPod update, etc... Enclosure support is great news.