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QotD: Bluetooth

Question: Got Bluetooth?

My Answer: Yeah, but besides transferring a few pictures or MP3s to my phone (which actually hasn't worked in awhile), I don't do a whole lot. I should use my Bluetooth headset more, though…

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9 Responses to "QotD: Bluetooth"

  1. I use BT a lot. Connecting my mobile phone (SE T68i) to my Mac, using killer apps like BluePhoneElite and Salling Clicker. Plus of course syncing my mobile's phone book with with the computer's via iSync.

  2. if Sprint didn't suck, i would.

    syncing my cellphone contacts with my address book would be sick.

    it's a shame bluetooth isn't catching more. morons like Sprint might stop being crazy money hungry pricks and actually release phones that dont suck. :\

    (the only reason sprint doesn't have bluetooth on many phones is the same reason you cant buy USB cables from sprint; you could use your phone as a modem and connect to the internet, but sprint hasn't figured out a way to charge extra for that yet.)

  3. I use it for my BT keyboard (Apple) and mouse (Logitech MX 900).

    I also used it for a project a while back to share keyboard input on multiple machines. Sort of a virtual KVM (using eye-trackers to cause context switches), worked pretty well, although seems in hindsight like a bad use of bluetooth.

  4. I have I bluetooth Dove soap bar that I use daily.

  5. I use BT for a Microsoft mouse. It is nice to be able to get to the office, open my PowerBook's lid and move the mouse and it syncs up quickly. Having a fresh set of batteries around is a welcome tradeoff to dealing with a cord. I also use it with my T610 to get internet when WiFi isn't available.

  6. I use it with my phone (SE 610), but unforuntately everytime I use iSync to sync my contacts, it wipes out my voice dialing and ringtones on the phone. Salling Clicker makes it very nice (I have scripts to log my calls in iCal, turn down the volume on the Mac when a call comes in, etc)... Unfortunately I can't use my Bluetooth headset with my phone while it's connected to the Mac, and the bluetooth dongle I have apparently won't let me connect the headset to the Mac either (not that I know what I'd do if I could get that to work).

  7. Unfortunately, I don't have it yet since Verizon crippled the Motorola v710's bluetooth implamentation. My roommate switched to Cingular and got the Motorola 551. I've been without a contract for a couple months (waiting in anticipation for the Verizon v710 to be fixed). It's unlikely that Verizon will change position, so I'll probably switch to Cingular in early Febuary.

  8. Mostly syncing calendar photos and phone list to my SonyEricsson t616, and using my flic barcode scanner with Delicious library. Next will be wireless keyboard and mouse (how often to you need to recharge/change batteries on these). Bluetooth headsets... eh, I don't use the phone that much, and they are still too big, and too expensive.

    Oh, and I have played around with discovering other phones in crowds using bluetooth, but I haven't messaged them (Bluesharked?) them yet.

    I wouldn't buy a mac without BT, but I do wish that it was getting better settled in the marketplace. As usual, people want to ask too much for it, or cripple it, or put out a less flexible cheaper competing standard-- or worse, merely decide not to support it or carry the feature at all.

  9. Since Nokia doesn't have drivers for it's USB cable for my 7610 for the mac (good thing to, it's agonisingly slow and crash-happy on my PC), I use bluetooth a lot to get small files across and sometimes use Salling Clicker (although I mainly use my PC for transferring contacts of anything big).

    Aside from that, I use Bluetooth on the phone for the basic file-transfer and sometimes MobiLuck for some scanning.