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10 Days to PulpFiction 1.2: Day 1

pulp_fiction.jpgTomorrow, we'll be releasing PulpFiction 1.2. On each of the past ten days, I've discussed one of PulpFiction's new features. Today's is the last one prior to its release, and it is my favorite.

Today's feature: smart folders. If you can filter by something, you can likely create a smart folder by it as well. Additional options include the unread state of items, and drag and drop support is fully supported: drag a subscription to the folder area and a smart folder will be created (for those who miss "Filterize"). Drag a subscription onto an existing smart folder and its criteria will be added.

I don't have to tell you what smart folders let you do - you've got ideas (or will come up with some) without my help. My smart folders include one called "Developer Topics" that lists articles that discuss Cocoa, WebObjects, Carbon, and other Mac OS X development topics. Another smart folder is called "Interesting People" which displays articles containing words like "Steve Jobs" and "Tiger Woods."

Quick Recap:
Day 2: enclosures support.
Day 3: wide view.
Day 4: Support for local feeds.
Day 5: Support for "that other aggregator"'s stylesheets.
Day 6: Support for authenticated feeds.
Day 7: "Add to Filter" added to QuickSubscribe sheet.
Day 8: Export selected subscriptions.
Day 9: Preference to disable alternating blue/white background.
Day 10: "Google This," "Fwd: article title," page up/down, "category" is now "^y."

2 Responses to "10 Days to PulpFiction 1.2: Day 1"

  1. In the last 10 days, you have described some great features you guys are adding to 1.2. Smart Filters are a very cool thing, and PulpFiction users will benefit greatly from this addition.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Erik, this sounds like a really nice update. I'm looking forward to the download tomorrow!