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PulpFiction 1.2 Release

pulp_fiction.jpgPulpFiction 1.2 is now available. PulpFiction Lite 1.2 will be available later today or tomorrow.

Over the past ten days, we've been counting down some of PulpFiction's new features. A quick recap of the ones I like most:

  • Smart Folders
  • Enclosures support
  • Wide view
  • Local feed support
  • NetNewsWire Stylesheet support
  • Authenticated feeds
  • More control over list preferences
  • More, more, more…

Yes, "More, more, more…" is indeed one of my favorite features. 🙂 Things we didn't even bother to mention in the manual include more ways to sort the Feeds View (alphabetical, by unread articles, etc.) and so on. We've added local feeds, and MacGeekery already has an article up about using (and creating) those.

For a somewhat more complete on what new features we've got - and how to use them - check PulpFiction's Help, available online or via the "Help" menu item in PulpFiction.

12 Responses to "PulpFiction 1.2 Release"

  1. So, no support for bloglines?

  2. Nope. All of three people have requested it (counting you now). Smart folders had a higher priority.

  3. I was just wondering what all those orange dots were... What can they be useful for ?

  4. Orange dot = article was changed, edited, updated.

  5. Lots of great new features, but it seems like the dock icon behavior has changed. With 1.1.1, if you closed the view window, switched to another application, and then clicked the PulpFiction icon on the dock, a new view window was automatically opened. With 1.2, a new viewer window is no longer automatically created (instead, you have to use File -> New View Window or Command-N). It just struck me as an odd change, since most other apps I've used automatically create a window when activated if no windows are open.

  6. I was wondering if it was possible to have the smart filters filter by status?

    I.e. i want all articles from label ABC that are unread

  7. Just thought I'd add my voice requesting support for Bloglines. I have yet to stick with a desktop based aggregator because when I go offline for any length of time they can't keep up with any of the more active feeds I follow. With Bloglines, the goods are always waiting for me when I come back.

    I would like to say that PF has a very nice look and feel to it. You guys have obviously put a lot of care into the interface. Nice work!

  8. Great release, Erik! Keep up the good work.

  9. I was wondering if there is any way to get rid of the Orange colors in Pulp Fiction.

    I really like the look and feel of this program and all the Orange is the only thing stopping me from buying it. Maybe its a reaction because of my partial colorblindness but the Orange is, to my eyes, just too painful to look at.

    Is that something I could change? I did not see any way to change it when I downloaded the demo.

  10. Erie blogger goes big

    Congrats to Erie-area blogger Erik Barzeski on the release of a new version of the software he works on, PulpFiction 1.2. PulpFiction is an RSS reader for Mac OS X. I'm going to download it myself and give it a...

  11. Chris, what orange? There are orange colors in only one place, really: the toolbar. Anywhere else (labels?) you can change.

    If you're comfortable opening PulpFiction's bundle, you can replace the TIFFs we use with those of your own. Or, hide the toolbar or use it in text-only mode.

  12. Bloglines in PulpFiction Newsreader

    A simple XSL helps PulpFiction get some crude Bloglines support....