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QotD: Middle Name

Question: What is your middle name? Do you care to change it?

My Answer: Joseph. And no, not really… Goodness knows I use the "J." enough.

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12 Responses to "QotD: Middle Name"

  1. Mine's Tabak. It used to be my last name, but nobody could pronounce it right (TAH-bock, an uncommon pronunciation), and it means tobacco (which I would not like to be part of my name), so I switched it with my middle name (then Atlas) and I now only go by my first and last names.

  2. Neill, and there's no way I'd change it. I've got way too much invested in the three-letter initials that have been my UNIX username from my first DYNIX account some 17 years ago. All that USENET trolling would have been in vain!

  3. At least you spell our shared middle name right....

  4. I don't have one. Neither of my parents had one and they figured that the combination was rare enough to warrant their son not having one.

    Or, they were hippies and didn't care. You choose.

  5. Langston. I hate it, but it goes back to my family's English roots. Apparently, just before my grandparents came along, the family name was Trussell. So, I guess I really don't have a complaint. People seem to like my middle name, and I use the intitial L. quite a bit. Nope, I wouldn't change it.

  6. Karl. It's actually the first name; Karl Johan Svensson.

  7. My middle name used to be Matthew. I didn't like it very much and I did care to change it. So now my middle name is Quasar. Much better don't you think?

  8. Mine's Alejandro. I wouldn't change it, it's a good middle name. I think I would have preferred the English version; Alexander.

    Would I change it? No. My first name is the one I'd change in an instant. I never, never, never liked it. But since my wife is already so used to my real first name-- I can't. It would be too weird.

    Trish: Gabe?

    Me: Hon, I'm not Gabe anymore. I'm Boutros-Boutros.

    Trish: F#@! off, Boutros. I wanna talk to Gabe.

    Me: So much for the name change.

  9. Andrew. It's quite convenient, actually. It makes my initials ZAK. Cool, eh?

  10. Paul ... acceptable.

  11. I want to use a different middle name after finding out what a monster my mother(adopted) was to my grand parents who adored me (I was given her middle name)I knew she was a monster to me but only recently found out what she did to my grandparents(her parents) my grampy always called me by a name which he told me was picked for me & I loved but the monster changed it. Any advice? can I just use another middle name is it a big deal?

  12. Hi. I was never given a middle but I want one. First of all, I stutter and my first name is very difficult for me to say and I'm tired of not being able to say who I am. If I give myself a middle name then I can go by that name like many people do, but how do I legally give myself a middle name?